BC Coilover Suspension, 07-12 Caliber

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Model Number: 223310
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Modern Performance has worked hard with BC Coilovers to produce a coilover suspension system for the 08+ Dodge Caliber SRT-4 to improve the handling, and suspension, and this is the result.

We tested out several different spring settings, different types of struts for BC, and we have found a great combination that allows you to lower your Caliber and yet have a great ride quality. Want to make it even stiffer for track use ? No problem, each strut has an adjustable valving to allow you to set it from rock hard to really soft, a total of 32 different settings per strut.

These coilovers have a front spring rate of 448lbs, and the rear is 336 lbs spring rate. The struts have adjustable perches so that you can adjust the heigth of your suspension anywhere to your liking, from 0-2.5 inches in the front, and as much as 1.75 inches in the rear.

Click here if you are planning on lowering your Caliber more than 2.5"

These coilovers also have pillow ball upper strut mounts, so there is no need to reuse your factory upper strut mounts. These are complete replacements from top to bottom! Also, these have an adjustable upper camber plate for the front for easy camber adjustment up top, and slotted lower camber bolt holes for easy camber adjustment on the bottom should you need it.

Interested in the differences between the Megan coilovers and the BC coilovers? Read our blog, http://blog.modernperformance.com/differences-between-bc-and-megan-coilovers

These will also work for the NON SRT4 Models!!!

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  • Adam
    1. Does this kit come with new sway bar links or are they required?
    2. Would this kit work well with the MOPAR aftermarket sway bar kit?
    3. Do you need shortened sway bar links? I have seen some out there.
    1 Answer
    • customer service rep

      This kit does not come with new end links. It will work fine with the Mopar swaybar kit. We recommend using shortened endlinks.
  • Orhan
    Hi are the adjustable camber plates seperatly available? Or any alternatives?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      If you are asking about the front, sure they are available separately, you should contact BC directly. If you are asking about the rear, no, BC nor no other company make rear camber plates. Rear camber plates will not work with the suspension design of the Caliber with rear shock/separate spring setup.
  • Maxime Trottier-plourde
    Can you order some bc coilover with a custum spring rate for front and back like and some other sites when you order bc coilovers..? For the caliber srt4
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      Yes of course we can get custom made BC Coilovers, however, the Caliber SRT-4 that we owned, we had the front set to 12 and the rear set to 8 from what I recall, and it rode fantastic. It was actually one of the best riding vehicles we have ever had with BC coilovers. So, we do not think its necessary to do custom spring rates unless you have some wild dreams of doing track racing, or some crazy stance wheel setup.
  • Ivan Martinez
    Can i put these at stock ride height?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      Coilovers by nature, are to lower the car, and not to keep a stock height. Now with that being said, the minimum lowering amount with coilovers will be about .5 to 1 inch lower than factory height, roughly.