International Customers

Ordering internationally from Modern Performance is quite simple. Our website is designed to not only take your order, but to provide you with a shipping quote and tracking information as well. You may also place your order by telephone; however, we strongly recommend placing all orders through our website to ensure that delivery and contact information is input correctly.

Shipping Methods
The majority of our international orders are shipped by USPS Priority Mail. However, orders exceeding a certain value, weight, or dimension may be shipped by FedEx International Delivery. Please note the standard delivery time for orders shipped outside the United States by USPS Priority Mail is 7-14 business days. Expedited shipping may also available to your area. Please contact us directly if you are not quoted an acceptable shipping time through our online shopping cart.

Customs Fees
Customs fees and import taxes may be charged by your government on packages being shipped from the United States. As the importer, you assume all responsibility to pay any fees or taxes imposed by your government on shipments from Modern Performance. For shipments to Canada, these fees and taxes typically equate to 10-14% of the merchandise value. For further information related to customs fees and import taxes, please contact your local postal agency.

Tracking Numbers
Tracking information will be provided for all shipments made by USPS Priority Mail & FedEx International Delivery.

Do you still have questions or concerns about ordering internationally from Modern Performance? Please contact our customer support team at for further assistance.