Forge Diverter Valve, Sonic/Cruze 1.4L Turbo

Model Number: 244104
Want to have the cool blow off sound on your 2011+ Chevy Cruze/ Sonic 1.4 Turbo but dont want the problems of having to buy a seperate pipe, seperate blow off valve and other hardware?

Forge has stepped up and made a Diverter valve that replaces the factory diverter valve with a aluminum machined piece that makes more of a pronounced noise, and installation is pretty straightforward.

The Forge Diverter uses a piston type valve that will never melt, come apart, or destruct. The piston type valving is very strong and fail proof.

This diverter comes with two springs, green is preinstalled, and a yellow accessory spring for higher boost levels.

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  • Lucas
    After installing this divertor valve will my 2012 chevy cruze throw up a code on the dash or does it need to get a tune
    1 Answer
    • customer service rep

      With the Forge recirculating valve, you'll have no issues, or check engine lights at all. (Part number 244101)

      If you use the vented Forge valve, you'd need to have a tune that can accomodate for it, or else you'd get a check engine light for it venting to atmosphere. (Part number 244104-VENTED)
  • Troy
    How much louder than stock is this?
    1 Answer
    • customer service rep

      It really isnt that much louder, the benefit of this is that it seals better than the oem diverter valve. Therefore, you build up boost, and hold boost better.