SPEC-D Black Housing OEM Style Headlights, 03-05 Neon

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Model Number: 221831

We offer SPEC-D Black Housing OEM Style Headlights for the 03-05 Neon (including SRT-4 models) so you can change the look of your car, or replace a broken set of headlights from an accident!

We offer these headlight replacements, at a MUCH more affordable price than what Mopar charges for headlights, with just as good of a quality piece.

  • These headlights come with clear, normal type bulbs preinstalled. You can purchase other superwhite, or yellow bulbs separately if you wish.
  • These headlights come with gaskets preinstalled.

These headlights are sold as a pair.


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SPEC-D Black Housing OEM Style Headlights, 03-05 Neon, Lights & Bulbs: Store Name

Ask a Product Question

  • Brandon
    How is fitment on these?
    I know similar ones from online are very bad fitment.
    1 Answer
    • Modern Performance

      Fitment is good, we have them on an employees car and they look good.
  • Michael
    was wondering about the glass on these. Hard to tell with the watermark on the pic, is that glass totaly clear/smooth, or does it have all the lines and junk in it like OEM lights usualy do?
    1 Answer
    • Modern Performance

      These headlights have a totally flat, no bumps/lines in the lense.
  • John
    Do these headlight house the stock 9007 low/high beam bulb? I have a HID KIT and just wondering if it's a direct bolt on and no modification required.
    2 Answers
    • Modern Performance

      Yes, these use the same size bulbs as the factory ones.
    • Modern Performance

      Yes, these use the same 9007 style of bulb as the factory headlights. You can use an HID kit with these, however if you melt the housing, lighting or have any problems due to the HID kit the warranty will be voided.
  • Anonymous
    I was wondering if the signal bulb also doubles as a parking light as some replacement headlights only use single filament bulbs that only enable you to use the signal lights. Is the signal bulb single or double filament? Thanks
    1 Answer
    • Modern Performance

      The parking light bulb is also used as a turn signal.
    Do these lights accept oem gaskets?
    1 Answer
    • Modern Performance

      Yes they do. These are similiar to OEM lights except these are black!
  • Anonymous
    I want to put these on my 2000 neon. Will they fit with no, or very little trouble? Is it just a matter of changing the wire harness plug for the light? Or would i need a different set of HIDs also?
    1 Answer
    • Modern Performance

      In order for these to work, and you not have a massive hole where your turn signals were on your 00-02 Neon, you'd need to convert to a 03+ style Neon bumper, or SRT4 bumper. You see, the difference between an 00-02 headlight and a 03+ is that the turn signal is built into the low beam/high beam housing on the 03+ whereas the 00-02 has the "pod" on the side.
  • Anonymous
    Do these lights come with bulbs or will I need to buy some also?
    1 Answer
    • customer service rep

      These come with regular white/yellowish bulbs pre-installed. You can buy aftermarket bulbs if you wish.
  • Carlos
    If I buy the 9007 nokya lights, what wattage is recommended?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      The bulbs that come with these headlights are a 45/65 watt style bulb for low beam/high beam. Its recommended to stick to that same wattage range unless you do the headlight rewire kit, and then if you do that you can use higher wattage bulbs.