(DISCONTINUED) Mopar 17mm Adjustable Rear Sway Bar, 2013-2016 Dart

(DISCONTINUED) Mopar 17mm Adjustable Rear Sway Bar, 2013-2016 Dart

This item was discontinued by Mopar back around 2017

Want to improve the handling of your Dart? A larger swaybar will help improve your Darts handling big time in the corners!

This anti- sway bar is a solid 17mm bar compared to the factory Dart swaybar being 14mm. This swaybar has three mounting holes for you to attach your endlinks onto, and depending on which hole you select, you will get a different stiffness setting. We advise you to mount this swaybar, and then evaluate each of the three settings for your desired handling setup. The inner hole is the most firm, and the hole closest to the end of the bar is the softest setting.

This bar is powdercoated blue as you can see, and comes with bushings and brackets to mount the swaybar to the frame. You reuse your factory endlinks. If your Dart did not come with a swaybar (such as an SE model) you'll need to buy OEM swaybar endlinks from your local dealership.

The anti sway bar clamshell mount nuts are rated at 46 ft lbs for tightening down.
The sway bar link nuts are rated at 41 ft lbs.

This item has been discotinued by Mopar!!!

(DISCONTINUED) Mopar 17mm Adjustable Rear Sway Bar, 2013-2016 Dart, Suspension & Chassis: Store Name
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