Mopar OEM Manual Transmission Reverse Lockout Cable, 2013-16 Dart/Caliber SRT-4

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Model Number: 226149-MTX-REVER

We now carry the Mopar OEM Manual Transmission Reverse Lockout Cable for the 2013-16 Dodge Dart and 2008-2009 Caliber SRT-4. This common problem part is perfect for those of you have snapped your original Reverse Lockout Cable, as well as those of you who are having trouble getting your Dart into reverse.

Note: All 2013 Dart models with a factory shift knob must purchase either the MPx Shift Knob or the updated Mopar Shift Knob in order to use this cable. Due to this common breakage problem, the Reverse Lockout Cable has been redesigned and is now longer than what came from factory in 2013 models. These updated shift knobs were drilled out further to pull the cable higher.

Mopar does not provide instructions on how to replace this item, and you cannot simply just undo the old one and install the new one because its routed differently. We have created a instruction set that we provide with this that has lots of photos and step by step instructions showing how to correctly install and route the new updated reverse lockout cable.

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Mopar OEM Manual Transmission Reverse Lockout Cable, 2013-16 Dart/Caliber SRT-4, Drivetrain: Store Name

Ask a Product Question

  • Hunter Stafford
    So the mopar oem maunal shift knob wont work with this lookout cable? Just the Mpx?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      In order to install manual reverse lockout cable, you must remove the top of the OEM shift knob. The problem with doing that, is you must destroy the knob to remove it. So, if you want to replace your manual reverse lockout cable, you need to be prepared to buy a new replacement top of the shift knob, or buy the MPx knob. The MPx knob is the better choice as it can be taken on and off and not be destroyed. Also, the MPx knob is smaller than the OEM so you dont feel like you are driving with a baseball shift knob.
    I have a Dart 2013. The set of instructions is included in this purchase? Those steps works for both, OEM knob or MPx?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      We include our own instructions to replace the reverse lockout cable. These instructions only cover the replacement of the cable after the knob and boot is removed, and not how to remove the shift knob/boot as of 10/11/2018.
  • Frank Klassen
    dodge dart 2013 manual. revers lock out cable is broken. is this an easy do it yourself fix? I notice you sell a cable for $13. Dodge dealer wants 350.00 for a whole kit in Canada.
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      If you are handy with tools and are not intimidated by cars, then you can do this. If not, you can have a mechanic do it for you. Your local dealer is recommending cables that would not fix this problem- they don't have a clue. If your reverse lockout cable breaks, the shifter cables between the transmission and shifter wont help remedy the problem. Get this cable from us and have it installed, and be done.