Serpentine Belt Upper Idler Pulley 2008-2009 Dodge Caliber SRT-4

Model Number: 223206-UPPER
The serpentine belt on the Dodge Caliber SRT4 is pretty important. Not only does it drive the alternator, power steering pump, and ac compressor, it drives the water pump. So, if your belt fails or comes loose, then its possible your car could overheat. Its important to keep all of your serpentine belt items in good condition (belt, upper and lower idlers, tensioner). We recommend replacing the idlers and tensioners at 100k or 8 years.

Dayco's reputation for top performance idler and tensioner pulleys is a result of advanced automotive technologies employed in materials research, design engineering, and manufacturing of our pulleys. In addition to our spun steel pulleys, Dayco also provides specially formulated glass-filled polymers to ensure a high strength, wear-resistant plastic pulley designed to replace serpentine and V-belt idler and tensioner pulleys.

The use of state-of-the-art three dimensional computer aided design (CAD) and finite element analysis (FEA) guarantees the optimal design and maximum structural integrity for both plastic and steel pulleys. Pulleys with smoother surfaces and tighter dimensional tolerances translate into less vibration and therefore longer belt life. Lubricated bearings and high temperature seals assure peak performance, which is the most critical element of a pulley's service life.

Serpentine Belt Upper Idler Pulley 2008-2009 Dodge Caliber SRT-4, Maintenance: Store Name

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