AMMFab Ported Intake Manifold 03-05 SRT-4

Model Number: 220145-LONG

We've been using AMM Fab manifolds on Neons since the early 2000's. Mike at AMM Fab does fantastic work with his extensive porting experience and passion for automobiles. He's also a Neon and SRT-4 owner, in addition to a fantastic welder!

Anyways, onto the SRT-4 manifold! Looking at this manifold you may immediately notice that there is a long stitch weld across the manifold that was not there from the factory. That weld is there, because AMM Fab cuts each SRT-4 manifold in half so that all areas of the manifold can be reached to be ported, and cleaned up. Without cutting the manifold, its impossible to do a thorough job of porting the manifold. So after the manifold is thoroughly hand ported, its welded back up. Compare the photos we have on this page to see how nicely done the runners are, and how much larger the throttle body mounting flange is after porting.

Another thing that is done to this manifold, is the big chunky map sensor block is moved from the front of the manifold to the back. This makes the manifold look cleaner for those of you that want a better looking engine bay.

Each manifold is pressure washed so they are totally clean of oil, debris, and the mating surface to the head is planed so its true and wont leak.

Because the upper half of this manifold is a factory intake manifold, it bolts to the cylinder head perfectly, whereas some aftermarket manifolds have bolt clearance issues. Also, this can be used with a factory throttle body, but if you are purchasing this, you really should have the larger 62mm MPx throttle body.

  • No tuning required, but if you do get a tune, you'll make even more power!
  • No core required, buy this manifold and its yours outright!
  • Works with factory map sensor, and factory throttle bodies
  • Ready to install, buy a new intake manifold gasket!
  • AMM can take a LONG time to make these, this current batch took almost 1. 5 years from when we sent them to him for us to receive. So, its kind of a big deal for us to have these in stock. If you ever wanted to get one of these, and don't want to wait 1.5-2 years to get one done, this is your chance.

    *Backordered: 12/25/2024
    AMMFab Ported Intake Manifold 03-05 SRT-4, Throttle Body & Intake Manifold: Store Name

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    • Gabriel Ramirez
      Will the MPX race 70mm throttle body fit on this fab intake manifold?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        No it will not. The 70mm race throttle body is only designed to fit on the sheet metal, aftermarket custom intake manifolds. Its designed to fit on a flat flange, whereas this intake manifold utilizes the spacer, and the slip fit throttle body design.