MPx Oil Catch Can, 03-05 Neon SRT-4

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Model Number: 601187-NEO-KIT

If you own a 2003-2005 Neon SRT-4, more than likely you've noticed spots of oil under your car from oil dripping out of your pressure piping between the intercooler and throttle body. If you want to stop this from happening, you need an MPx catch can.

The MPx catch can is a device used to trap the oil vapors that flow through the PCV valve or hosing coming off the valve cover. This oil, not trapped, will coat the inside of all of the piping, intake manifold, and causes oil losses, and even horsepower losses due to your motor burning oil instead of pure air.

When we began to think about designing a catch can, we wanted it to have lots of useful, but cool features. We designed in the following features:

  • Each can is built small (2.5 inches in diameter, and 5.5 inches tall) so its compact, but yet has enough storage space for collected oil.
  • Each can can comes as a complete kit with bracket, 3 feet of black silicone hosing, and all necessary fittings for installation.
  • Each can has a industrial grade ball valve to allow for easy draining without removing the catch can.
  • Each can is anodized in NINJA black for stealthy good looks.
  • Each can is tested before shipment to ensure there are NO leaks.
  • Each can is lined with a one piece stainless steel mesh that helps trap the oil as the vapors pass through the catch can.
  • The bracket is designed so that you can easily rotate the inlet and outlet of the catch can for easier installation of the lines to PCV.

This catch can can be installed in multiple areas in your engine bay, however we highly recommend installing it off the factory battery tray, or the bracket off of the core support near the radiator fans. All of these locations have a threaded bolt that comes installed from the factory that you can easily mount the catch can to.

We provide installation instructions with this kit, basic hand tools are all you need to install it onto your car.

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Ask a Product Question

  • Daniel
    If I have the K&N CAI and I want to install this on my driver's side will I need to cap the hose going into the side of my crank, because I'm assuming I will have to remove it to put on the catch can?
    1 Answer
    • Modern Performance

      No the catch can intercepts the line coming from the PCV to the intake manifold. The line on the side of the valve cover that goes to the intake is not disturbed.
  • Caleb
    Do I need to use thread tape on the brass hose connections to the can itself? Also, is the piece that those brass hose connectors screw into supposed to spin freely in the unit?
    1 Answer
    • Modern Performance

      The brass fittings are a tapered fitting and need no tape. The top plate can rotate, yes.
  • Anonymous
    How do you clean the can? Over the past year it has become stained with some type of weird white stuff and I can't get it off.
    1 Answer
    • customer service rep

      Its anodized so the black coating has been bonded to the aluminum can, however with strong cleaners it can damage the anodizing. Therefore we recommend a mild cleaning agent.
  • David
    What size is the silicone hose and where can I get more of it?
    2 Answers
    • Customer Service Rep

      The Neon SRT-4 uses 8mm id silicone hose. You can use rubber hose that you can easily find locally, silicone can be harder to find locally.
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