Vibrant Header & Downpipe w/ NO CAT, 05-10 Cobalt / 05-07 Cobalt SS

Model Number: 243906-NOCAT

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Want to improve the performance of your 05-07 Cobalt SS? Vibrant has come out with a high quality, stainless steel, 4 into 2 into 1 header WITH down pipe without cat that will do exactly that. This piece is constructed with polished stainless steel, and has thick flanges that mate to the head, smooth piping transitions, clean ports that mate perfectly to the flanges.

Expect to gain a pound or two of extra boost from this high flow header and cat unit, as well as an extra 12-15 hp over the stock header.

This header also fits the 2.2/2.4L Cobalt if your car does not have the SAI (Secondary Air Injection) Please check to make sure you do not have SAI before you order, as returns will not be accepted for this reason. SAI came on some 2006 Cobalts and all 2007 Cobalts. 2.2/2.4L Cobalts from 2005-2006.5 production date should not have SAI (please check yours, before you order to make sure).

This header does not come with a new exhaust manifold gasket. You can order a new one from your local auto parts store, or from GM if you wish. Most people just reuse the factory steel gasket when they install this header.


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  • weston
    i had a question about this vibrant header with out cat. what do you do with your post cat o2 sensor?
    1 Answer
    • Modern Performance

      Even though this does not have a catalytic converter we'd recommend still screwing in your oxygen sensor into the downstream bung. If you get a check engine light for catalyst inefficiency later, use the Vibrant oxygen sensor defouler to eliniare the code and keep the PCM happy.
  • Jorge
    Will It connect to stock cat back?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      You can install this header with your factory cat back, but the outlet size is 2.5 inch and the factory exhaust is 2.25, so it will neck down. You'd gain better performance if you had a higher flowing, 2.5 inch exhaust but can still use the factory exhaust.
  • chris malik
    what are the size of the primary's on this header?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      The primaries are 1.8 inch in outside diameter.