Used MPx Bored Throttle Body, 2013-16 Dart 2.0L & 2.4L / 2015+ Renegade 2.4L

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Model Number: 226120-U-N/A-KIT

Looking to save a little money? We have limited quantities of used bored throttle bodies available. These throttle bodies are bored the exact same way as our brand new MPx Bored Throttle Bodies, but they are machined from returned stock cores.

The Dart 2.0L / 2.4L & Renegade 2.4L get great gas mileage, and have good power, but we want more power, and better throttle response!

So, what we did is port a throttle body out from the OEM factory size of 64mm to 68mm. Because the throttle body controls the amount of air going into the motor, once you port a throttle body, you improve the air flow going to the motor. This makes the car more throttle responsive (that means fun!) and you make more horsepower and torque!

We've undergone a lot of test miles, in different temperatures, conditions with our Dart with prototype bored throttle body and it has run great. We've noticed a immediate difference in power and fun factor, and we have had zero check engine lights or problems.

What you'll receive

We start with a returned throttle body core, then disassemble it, remove the drive by wire motor, port the housing, install a machined brand new throttle plate, and re-assemble. What you'll receive is a bored throttle body, ready to replace your old one with. No further work is needed by you, other than removing the stock throttle body that's held in place with four bolts, then replace with the bored unit.

This throttle body works great with both automatic and manual transmissions!

What this bored throttle body will do for you

  • You'll have a lot more fun, because your throttle response will be better.
  • You'll gain a solid 4-7 horsepower across the board, and 6-8 lbs of torque.
  • You'll have no check engine lights, no idle issues, no problems at all.

Installation is very easy, the throttle body is held to the intake manifold by four screws and one bracket. You simply unplug the battery terminals to disconnect the electrical system, remove the electrical plug, take off the screws and bracket, and then remove the old throttle body. Make sure the throttle body gasket is still on the throttle body, and install the new bored unit, reconnect electrical wiring and battery terminals. You can then immediately drive your car and notice the difference. There is no PCM tune needed, no break in period needed, etc.

After you receive and install the throttle body, do the throttle relearn procedure:

  • 1. Turn off all accessories
  • 2. Insert key and turn to "ON" (Not Start)
  • 3. Wait for the "DING" to depress throttle to the floor fully until check engine light flashes
  • 4. Hold until CEL stops flashing
  • 5. Turn key to "OFF"
  • 6. Release throttle
  • 7. Wait 2 minutes before start-up
  • Fits the following vehicles:

    • 2013-16 Dodge Dart 2.0L & 2.4L
    • 2015-16 Chrysler 200 2.4L
    • 2015+ Jeep Renegade 2.4L
    • 2014+ Jeep Cherokee 2.4L
    • 2016+ Fiat 500X 2.4L
    • 2015+ Ram Promaster City 2.4L

    Note: we used to have a program where we would buy your used oem throttle body back from you but this program is now discontinued, sorry.

    These guys did a nice install/review of the bored 2.0/2.4 throttle body:

    Used MPx Bored Throttle Body, 2013-16 Dart 2.0L & 2.4L / 2015+ Renegade 2.4L, Engine: Store Name

    Ask a Product Question

    • Gaites Klein
      Does this help gas mileage any?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        This flows more air, and when you flow more air the pcm will add fuel. You can have similar gas mileage to what you had with a stock throttle body but there is no way to improve gas mileage with a larger throttle body. The good news is that with mild driving your gas mileage will not change much at all.
    • Chris
      Are any of these products compatible with a 2015 jeep patriot 2.4L motor?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        At of 2/5/18 we have only verified this will work on the Dart and Renegade with 2.4 motors, but it should also work on many other Chrysler/Fiats built with the 2013-2018 2.4 liter motors like your Patriot.
    • Zack
      will a new throttle body gasket be required?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        No, you can reuse your factory rubber gasket that's on the intake manifold.
    • Zack
      when sending in your used TB, will you offer more cash value in store credit or the same amount of cash?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        We offer the same amount in paypal payment, or store credit, your choice.
      Is there any kind of warranty with this throttle body or with the new rebored throttle body?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        We offer a 30 day warranty on bored throttle bodies. In almost every case of any issue we have ever had, the issue will be present in the first 24-48 hours of installation, not 6-12 months down the road.
    • Steven
      Is this compatible with Sprint Booster V3 and is this smog legal in California. Thank you.
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        Yes, this will work with all throttle enhancers like the Sprint Booster, and others. In order for a part to be CARB legal for use in California (this only applies to Californians) then it must have a CARB number. There are almost no parts made other than air intakes that are CARB legal. However, with that being said, this part is a factory part that is modified internally. So, there is zero chance a CARB tester will identify this as a bored throttle body because it looks identical to a normal factory throttle body on the outside.
    • Daniel
      Will I have to get a CAI that connects directly to the Throttle Body? Or will I be okay to use the factory engine cover?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        This throttle body is absolutely identical to what you have now (exterior wise). You can use whatever intake you have now, and any intake that works with the factory throttle body with this. You can also use the factory engine covers if you wish, etc. No one will ever know you have a bored throttle body unless they take the intake off the throttle body because its absolutely the same on the outside.