Suspension Techniques Swaybars 2001-2010 PT/GT Cruiser

Model Number: 331312

If you are wanting to improve your PT/GT Cruisers handling, this set of ST swaybars will make a big difference!

Suspension Techniques created a swaybar set that is 28mm thick in the front and 22mm in the rear. New polyurethane bushings are included to firm up the feel of the suspension and reduce flex. Stock sway bar sizes are 24mm front and 15mm on the rear.

Please note that only the 2001-2002 PT/GT Cruisers came with a rear swaybar. So if you have a 2003-2010 PT/GT Cruiser you will not have the rear endlinks and steel clamshells to secure the swaybar to the vehicle. You'll need to find rear swaybar mounting hardware from a 2001-2002 PT/GT Cruiser either from another owner, junkyard, ebay, etc.

Suspension Techniques Swaybars 2001-2010 PT/GT Cruiser, Suspension & Chassis: Store Name

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