Progress 22mm Rear Sway Bar, 03-05 SRT-4 / 00-05 Neon

Model Number: 220304

This sway bar is a drastic improvement over the stock rear sway bar on 00-05 Neons and Neon SRT-4's. Most Neons have a 17mm rear sway bar, and because of it being small, and having soft rubber mounting hardware, it can flex a lot more than desired.

  • Stock SRT-4 swaybar sizes - 24mm front and 17mm rear.
  • Stock 00-05 Neon swaybar sizes - 20mm front and 17mm rear.
  • This Progress rear sway bar is 22mm, with heavy duty construction, and solid urethane bushings and stainless steel hardware.

    If you want to improve your cars handling, this is a good choice. Fairly easy to install with no modifications needed, and priced very affordably. This sway bar is powder coated to resist corrosion.


    For 00-04 Neons that didn't come with a rear sway bar, as long as your struts have the perch on the side of the strut where the bolt that attaches onto the sway bar can attach to, then your all set. If not, you cannot install a rear swaybar unless you have struts with the perch for endlink mounting.
    Progress 22mm Rear Sway Bar, 03-05 SRT-4 / 00-05 Neon, Anti-Sway Bars & Strut Tower Braces: Store Name
    • Courtney
      Is there a huge difference (other than price) between this one and the 24mm?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        The other bar is 24mm, or larger, and its adjustable for preload. This allows you to adjust the rear swaybar and your cars handling to your liking.
    • Mike Johnson
      I ordered your shorter endlink kit for the rear, now when I order the Progress rear sway bar...will I need to use the end link kit that comes with it, or will the shorter end link kit you sell work?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        The Progress swaybar comes with a stock length endlink. If you already have a shorter endlink kit from us, then use that instead of the stock length endlink frrom Progress.