NGK Iridium Spark Plugs SET of four, 2013-16 Dart 1.4L / 2012+ Fiat 500 Turbo

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Model Number: 225115-KIT

If you have over 25-30,000 miles on your spark plugs, or if you have increased the boost on your 1.4 Turbo Dart/Fiat 500, then its time to change your spark plugs.

NGK Iridium plugs are the BEST plug we have ever tested in turbocharged cars. These plugs improve acceleration, eliminate stumbling under boost, create a smoother idle over worn plugs, and can withstand high temperatures from turbo engines.

These spark plugs come with a gap of .035 thousandths, however, the recommended gap is .025, so the gap on these plugs must be reduced before being installed.


  • Fine Iridium Tip Has High Durability and a Extremely Stable Spark
  • Extremely High Melting Point
  • Trivalent Metal Plating
  • Superior Anti-Corrosion and Anti-Seizing Properties
  • Outstanding Acceleration, High Fuel Efficiency and Durability
  • Ultimate Design, Technology and Performance
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    "Dart Aero 1.4t
    Posted By: Corey
    Location: Airdrie, AB Canada
    Comments: Great product, would recommand over stock. More power, .25 gap as recommended works perfect."


    This listing is for a set of four spark plugs. Quantity of 1 means a set of four plugs.

    • Johnie Dakota Britton
      What's the gap on these
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        These come gapped at .035 thousandths. The recommended gap is .025 thousandths, so the gaps on these must be reduced before being installed.