MPx Lightweight Underdrive Pulley Kit, 2012+ Fiat 500 1.4L NON-Turbo

Model Number: 226126-NA

Would you like to pickup another 5-6 horsepower and torque at the wheels with your 1.4 NON Turbo 2012+ Fiat 500 Non Turbo?

Would you like to have an improved throttle response, and a LOT more fun driving your 1.4 Non Turbo engine Fiat?

If so, this is a great bolt on item for you!

We have spent nearly 6 months of testing, revising, testing and revising further to make this piece perfect! We've tested it on several Darts, and Abarths and driven tens of thousands of miles to ensure you would have no problems, and no check engine lights. We've also tested nearly 7 different size/weight prototypes to make sure we have the absolute perfect pulley kit for you!

Here are the facts:
The stock pulley weighs in at 3.35 lbs, and the MPx lightweight underdrive pulley weighs in at 1.8 lbs. Saving nearly 1.6 lbs of sprung mass off of the crankshaft allows for a quicker revving engine, and less power loss spinning dead weight! We were able to underdrive the accesories by 20% without affecting the AC and alternator. This means less power is robbed from the crankshaft for the ac and alternator, but both still function fine. We are still getting good cold ac, and a good charge from the alternator, and again, no check engine lights.

We gained solid horsepower and torque across the entire rpm range, not just power up top, or on bottom! This will make a difference you can feel.

This pulley kit is consists of an outer billet pulley, tone wheel, longer crank pulley bolts, and a Gates belt. When changing the pulleys out, the 1.4L has an allignment guide pin with offset mounting holes that will make it impossible to install incorrectly.

Installation is not difficult and any good mechanic, or home mechanic should be able to install this in under an hour with basic hand tools all from within the passenger side wheel well.

This kit is all American made. We have an outer aluminum pulley thats hard anodized for long life and great looks, and a trigger wheel thats made out of steel and is zinc coated. We also provide a brand new Gates belt and three bolts in this kit for you.

An illustrated install guide is included with each kit.

If you already have this pulley kit and need a new belt, here is the belt part number: Dayco 5050433. Your local auto parts store can cross reference this to whatever belt they offer locally.

MPx Lightweight Underdrive Pulley Kit, 2012+ Fiat 500 1.4L NON-Turbo, Engine: Store Name

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  • Dayton Thomas
    How does this effect the torsional vibrations on the crankshaft and will it cause stress on the crank in places where the OEM vibration damper would do its job and tamp the crank frequencies.
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      The crankshaft, pistons and rods are all weighed, and precisely balanced to each other. These items do not rely on a crank pulley for balancing. Take a look at your OEM crank pulley. It has a thin, sliver of rubber. That is not keeping the engine balanced, it is designed to isolate the vibrations and noise from the accessories (ie power steering pump, and ac turning on and off) from reverberating back and then ultimately back into the cabin. Lightweight pullies and underdrive pulleys have been used since the late 90's on small engines by our company with good success and no issues. There arent many reviews posted on this item yet, but we have sold tons for the turbo 1.4 Dart/Fiat engine. Check out the reviews on that pulley here: