MPx Intercooler, 08-10 Cobalt SS / 08-11 HHR SS

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Model Number: 243129

  • Direct fit bolt on with no welding, cutting, or removal of factory crash bar.
    (mounting bracket spacers may be required for installation on HHR models, not included)
  • Drastically improved cooling over the thin OEM intercooler with plastic end tanks.
  • Larger core with cast aluminum end tanks to dissipate heat and look great!
  • Mounts directly to the crash bar with factory hardware.
  • Larger intercooler design with MORE ground clearance than factory and other intercoolers on the market. No more worrying about damaging your intercooler with ramps, parking stops, or curbs!
    (only applicable to Cobalt models. HHR clearance may decrease.)

The Cobalt SS Turbo & HHR SS have small turbos, designed for an efficient 13-15 psi of boost. Once the boost in increased, the turbo begins to heat the compressed air, increasing the compressed air temperature. With higher incoming air temperatures, the ECU retards the timing, leading to diminished power.

In order to lower the incoming air temperature, a better intercooler is needed to absorb and dissipate the heat from the compressed air.

The MPx intercooler, especially at boost pressures higher than 20 psi, will help you REGAIN power lost due to the stock intercooler not dissipating heat quickly enough!

Ease of Installation
The MPx Intercooler is designed to replace the OEM intercooler with no cutting, welding, or removing of the factory crash bar.
(mounting bracket spacers may be required for installation on HHR models, not included)

Design of MPx Intercooler

  • The MPx Intercooler uses a bar and plate core for maximum flow and heat absorption and dissipation.
  • The MPx Intercooler uses cast end tanks for maximum flow and strength. With fewer welds, you have greater strength and less chances of leakage!
  • Mounting brackets are made from quarter inch thick aluminum for incredible strength and rigidity.
  • The photo to the left shows the difference between the OEM intercooler and the MPx intercooler.

Measurements of OEM Core vs. MPx Core:

OEM - 28.0" Length X 3.1" Depth X 6.25" Height
MPx - 30.0" Length X 3.5" Depth X 7.0" Height

Unlike many aftermarket intercoolers for the Cobalt SS Turbo, the MPx intercooler has plenty of ground clearance! Intercoolers that hang low may lead to damage from curbs, inclines, etc. Check out the photos showing the ground clearance of the factory intercooler and the MPx intercooler.

Review from RossGo on
This Intercooler is PERFECT for what I wanted. In my opinion, it is perfectly matched for stock turbo with upped boost. I felt absolutely no change in spool time, and saw no PSI drop in boost. In order to properly test, I pulled the bumper and was completely prepped for removal of stock, then did a pull. Came home, swapped, and did the same pull, same road, same temperature outside. The temp difference was 18 degrees!!!! With an outside temp of 85 degrees, and at full running temp, I saw a high IAT2 of 98 degrees from a 3rd gear pull 80-140. On stock IC, I saw a high IAT2 of 116 degrees from only a 80-110 pull.

That was all on a hot week. Now that I have had it for a longer period, I have seen even better numbers. Here in KY, humidity is killer so keeping low IAT2s is vital for boosting. The other night, I had the privilege of being on a highway alone, and was able to ride out EVERY gear. After letting off at roughly 170, my IAT2 was a mere 12 degrees above ambient(48 degrees)!

Earlier in the same day (60 degrees), I went on a 100 mile trip, and my IAT2 was a mere 2 degrees above IAT1.

Overall, I can't compliment this intercooler enough. I have only seen IAT2s over 100 once, and it was on a 96 degree day, high humidity. I have watched it for weeks at every sort of speed in a plethora of temperatures, and my car is almost always within 5 degrees of ambient, and usually under 10 degrees of difference under harsh driving conditions. My stock IC almost always was 25+ degrees above ambient, and bogged hard core at high temps and humidity. A++++ rating. For a constantly overlooked or poorly engineered mod, I think that this IC was one of my best investments for my car, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the quality MPx has provided, not only for this IC, but also for the exhaust, valve cover, catch can, and spoiler I have got from them.

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Ask a Product Question

  • Rob
    Does this also fit the HHR SS?
    1 Answer
    • customer service rep

      Yes, this will fit the HHR.
  • connor
    Are the dimensions shown for the core size alone or with the end tanks. Also what is the flow rate and psi pressure drop at max flow
    1 Answer
    • customer service rep

      Dimensions of intercoolers should always be for core size, and not including end tanks. We saw less than 1 psi of pressure drop, and we have had many happy customers with this intercooler.
  • Edgar Ayala
    would this intercooler fit perfectly with stock turbo piping??
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      Yes, this intercooler is specifically designed to be installed with the factory piping. Or, if you have aftermarket piping with the same size inlet and outlet as factory piping that will work fine as well.
  • Blake Wilson
    Can I order this intercooler in Black ?
    1 Answer
    • customer service rep

      This intercooler is not offered in black, its only available in silver as shown.
  • Davina Mcdaniel
    Are there any extra parts need to intall this? Such as brackets, bolts, spacers, and or couplers?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      You reuse your factory hoses. The intercooler has a welded bracket that mounts to the front of the crash bar with the oem threaded hole and bolt. There are no further parts or modification needed.
  • Raymond
    I have a 2010 Chevy cobalt ss, I've had my car tuned, by installing this intercooler, will this require another tune?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      You could get a tune to make more power with the lower air temps after installing an intercooler, but its not required like if you change your intake or boost increase.
  • Ezequiel
    If installing this intercooler would I have to change the stock couplers?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      No, this is designed to work with your factory couplers and piping. Or, if you have aftermarket piping that can connect to the factory intercooler those will work fine as well as this has inlet/outlet in the factory locations.
  • Rodney
    How much horsepower is this rated for
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      This intercooler can easily handle upwards of 450-500 horsepower. One thing to keep in mind when looking at an intercooler is you want one that's optimally sized. You wouldn't want a intercooler that's too large that would cause too much turbo lag. This works great for stock turbo Cobalt turbo's as well as larger turbo Cobalt's. We've seen some intercooler cores from other competitors for the SS designed for 600+ hp that would really take the fun out of driving the Cobalt SS because it would create massive turbo lag from the turbo having to fill up a larger core.
  • Anthony
    Does the intercooler have warranty
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      We have a 90 day warranty on this part, however, since we introduced this part in 2010 or so, we have yet to have any warranty failure. We had one customer that got into a small fender bender try to file a claim on his MPx intercooler but we had to deny it because it was obviously crushed in the accident.