MPx Header w/ Converter Pipe, 2015+ Renegade 2.4L

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Model Number: 345902-

We first released a header for the 2.0L & 2.4L Dodge Dart back in 2014, and we have now produced a header with high flow catalytic converter for the Jeep Renegade. This header is nearly identical to the Dart header except for a change in the lower B pipe, and produced 11 HP & 12 ft-lbs of torque at the wheels. It made a very noticeable change in power that you can really feel!

This header is designed to bolt to the head and factory exhaust flange with no cutting, or welding needed. You may keep your factory engine cover on, or leave it off if you wish. Because there is a high flow catalytic converter, your car will still pass emissions testing and should not have any check engine lights. If you do happen to get a CEL, simply get in touch with us for a quick and easy solution.

MPx Header & OEM Header Comparison
2.4 Dart OEM header/cat unit

This header is available in three different finishes:

  • Raw Steel - For those of you on a budget (We highly recommend using header wrap to reduce the heat in the engine bay with a raw steel header).
  • Chrome Coated - A nice shiny finish that helps prevent rust.
  • Ceramic Coated (interior & exterior) - top of the line coating that helps prevent rust, but also prevents heat from escaping the headers and into the engine bay. The ceramic coating does a fantastic job of keeping the temperature under the hood under control, and looks good with its matte silver finish.

This header comes complete with the following pieces:

  • Upper header that is 4 into 1 design, with o2 sensor bung, that bolts to the cylinder head.
  • Lower downpipe with catalytic converter with o2 sensor bung for downstream o2 sensor.
  • Exhaust manifold gasket (if you ever need a replacement you can get a OEM one from your local dealer).
  • Exhaust o2 sensor wiring extension
  • Bolts to secure the downpipe to your exhaust
  • Read up on our progress on this header below:

    Update November 2018 : We have gotten some feedback from our tester with the Renegade MPx prototype header:

    "Hey Cory, Just picked it up an hour ago and I told my boyfriend I'm in love all over again! The sound is perfect, not to loud but loud enough to hear. I love it, and the power is amazing I'm so so thrilled with it. Thank you so much! Again thank you this is so awesome!"

    Update 1/2/2019 : More feedback from our tester:

    The header is working great. More power for off roading and I'm climbing the hill home a lot better. Performance is awesome.

    Second update 2/26/2019: Our tester continues to put on more test miles and is still very thrilled with the header. We have done another revision on the to ensure fitment is absolutely perfect.. We are continuing to test to make sure everything is perfect before releasing this.

    April 2019- We have begun shipping these units!

    • Vincent
      Will this work on a 2016 Fiat 500x AWD with 2.4L?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        We believe it will, but we have not been able to test fit it ourselves. Once we release this for sale, perhaps we can work with someone to test it on:
        2015-2016 Chrysler 200 with 2.4 engine, 2014- Present Jeep Cherokee with 2.4 engine, 2014- Present Jeep Compass, 2016- Present Fiat 500X with 2.4 engine, 2015- Present Ram Promaster city with 2.4 engine.
    • AleXander Forsgren
      Has there been MPG improvements?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        Because this header adds power across the entire power band, and there is no loss of power or torque, this should actually improve gas mileage. That is, IF you continue to drive the same as before. We've found most customers enjoy driving their car more with the extra power, and therefore gas mileage may drop 1-2 mpg with more aggressive driving. If you can stay out of the throttle, you'll have an improvement though!