MPx Dual Exit Exhaust System, 03-05 Neon SRT-4

Model Number: 220913

The MPx Dual Exit Exhaust System was designed from scratch to be the best flowing dual exhaust on the market, but we didn't want just good performance, we also wanted it to be durable and good looking.

Polished stainless steel pipes, dual polished tips, and beautiful rear Y section make this exhaust one of the most eye catching exhausts available.

Exhaust Features:

  • 16 Gauge Stainless Steel
  • 0.5" Thick Flanges
  • 3" Mandrel Bent Piping
  • Sectioned piping near rear axle to maintain a full 3" diameter through this tight bend.
  • Unique "Y-Design" rear section offering superior flow over the other "Y-Design" rear sections on the market.

To see the full benefits of this exhaust system, we recommend our MPx 3" O2 Housing. This piece is made from the same materials as the MPx Exhaust System.

Note: This exhaust may not be legal for sale or use on pollution controlled motor vehicles. Check local and state laws before purchasing.

If you are located outside of the continental USA, this item cannot be shipped by USPS and must be shipped by Fedex/DHL. Contact us via email to discuss further if you are outside of the continental USA.

Sorry, we cannot sell individual parts of this exhaust.


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MPx Dual Exit Exhaust System, 03-05 Neon SRT-4, Exhaust: Store Name

Ask a Product Question

  • Clay Corbin
    Wondering what the difference between the MPX dual exit exhaust and MPX dual exit exhaust rear section are. Is it that the rear section does not include the down pipe? And if so will it bolt up to the stock downpipe without any modification to the stock DP?
    1 Answer
    • customer service rep

      We sell this exhaust packaged together with downpipe, or by itself minus downpipe. Thats the difference in the two packages.
  • BJ
    Wondering if you have an option of just selling the rear axle section of the exhaust?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      We only sell the MPx dual exit exhaust in two ways. With downpipe, or like this listing, without downpipe. The last rear piece is not available separately.
  • Anonymous
    does the exhaust system have a resonator or a glass pack on it
    1 Answer
    • customer service rep

      This exhaust has a single resonator on the B pipe.
  • Tyler B.
    Does this bolt to the stock downpipe. And what is the exit side diameter of the stock downpour, is is 2.5 or 2.25
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      Definitely not. This exhaust is designed for use with the MPx downpipe. We sell a complete exhaust system with downpipe, or this listing is for the exhaust without downpipe for those people that already have a MPx downpipe and need a replacement exhaust.
  • Anonymous
    Will this system bolt on with a needswings downpipe?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      This exhaust only bolts up to the MPx downpipe. EVERY other downpipe you have, stock, XYZ brand, etc will have to be modified by a local muffler shop to fit this onto your car.
  • Asante
    What is the grade of stainless steel used for this exhaust?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      T304 Stainless Steel piping.
  • Anthony
    Will this fit another 3inch down pipe ?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      This exhaust was designed from scratch to be a complete exhaust. We did not design it to work with other downpipes. If you have some other brand of downpipe (other than the MPx) you will have to have it modified to work with this exhaust.
  • Kevin
    Would this exhaust system fit a 2004 Pt cruiser turbo since you guys don't sell one of these for them?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      The Neon SRT-4 and the PT share a common platform, the second gen Neon. However, the PT has a solid beam rear axle and everything on the rear suspension wise is different. Therefore, the front half would likely fit fine but the rear, is not likely to fit, or would have fitment issues.