Mopar Performance Coilover Suspension, 2013-16 Dart

Model Number: 226350

Finally! Mopar has released KW built coilover suspension for the 2013+ Dart.

Like all KW Coilover Suspension, these have a stainless steel body and are German made for superior quality.

They utilize a street friendly spring rate so you are still comfortable on the streets, but a higher spring rate for better cornering and handling when you want to have fun. This kit comes with two front coilover assemblies, two rear shocks & springs, and new front strut mounts. This replaces your entire suspension from top to bottom.

Mopar KW Coilovers typically allow for a 0.5"-1.5" drop. They do not have adjustable dampening to change the softness / stiffness of the ride like the BC Coilover Suspension.

Note: At this time we do not keep these in stock, so if you order, it will take a day or two for us to get these in, and we will then ship them directly to you.


Ask a Product Question

  • Billy
    How do these compare to the BC coil overs? (In terms of performance ability and overall bang for buck)
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      Mopar .5 - 1.5 inch drop BC .5 - 3 inch drop
      Mopar Stainlesss body BC Powder coated Aluminum
      Mopar Non adjustable dampening BC 30 way adjustable dampening
      Mopar softer ride, but good handling BC More firmer than Mopar but still good, and excellent handling.
  • Chris Perry
    Do these coilovers reuse the OEM front strut tops hats like the bc
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      NO, these come with new top hats, you can see them in the photo, the shiny aluminum discs. The BC coilovers reuse the factory hats.
  • Tyler
    Is this the factory installed suspension in the 2016 GT model?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      No Dart ever came from the factory with coilovers. This is an aftermarket Mopar accessory part. The only difference from a regular Dart and the GT is a change in spring rate from what we have seen.