Mopar OEM Lower Control Arms w/ Upgraded Bushings, 00-05 Neon / 01-10 PT Cruiser

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Model Number: 220309-KIT

Do you own a 00-05 Neon (including SRT-4) or 01-10 PT Cruiser with either of the following problems?

  • Wheel Shake @ 70-75 mph
  • Alignments issues due to torn control arm bushings

We have taken brand new Mopar OEM Lower Control Arms, pressed out the bushings, and installed sealed spherical vertical bushings & Prothane horizontal bushings. The sealed spherical bushings last much longer than stock rubber bushings, and the horizontal Prothane bushings keep the control arm firmly in place under hard cornering. This combo gives you good ride quality, but improves the handling drastically over the factory rubber bushings.

Replacing worn control arms with new OEM control arms, ball joints, and upgraded bushings, will refresh a number of critical suspension components. Buying them assembled from MP will save you both time and money, and allow you to replace everything without having to press or burn out the older bushings yourself.

Components Included:

  • Mopar OEM Lower Control Arms
  • Mopar OEM Lower Ball Joints
  • Pre-Installed Prothane Horizontal Bushings
  • Pre-Installed Sealed Spherical Vertical Bushings

Mopar OEM Lower Control Arms w/ Upgraded Bushings, 00-05 Neon / 01-10 PT Cruiser, Suspension & Chassis: Store Name

Ask a Product Question

  • spencer holmes
    does these control arms sold as a pair or separate
    1 Answer
    • Modern Performance

      These are sold as a pair- left and right control arms with the bushings preinstalled.
  • Prince
    Are the balljoints retrofitted with polyurethane bushings or is it OEM with the grease filled Titties???
    1 Answer
    • Modern Performance

      The ball joints that are on these control arms have a ZIRC fitting for easy regreasing.
  • Jason
    Which Mopar Lower Control Arm (LCA) do you start with to make this kit. The Mopar SRT-4 LCA has a different part number than the Mopar Neon LCA, but you state that this kit is for both.
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      These begin life as Mopar lower control arms for the Neon SRT-4. These arms have more metal reinforcement on the bottom near the endlinks compared to the regular second gen arms.
  • Nate
    Are the upgraded prothane bushings red like those of Energysuspension? I'd like something noticeable that its been changed.
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      As of 2/27/18 we are using black prothane bushings. You really cannot see these unless you are under the car, and even then, they are mostly concealed inside the K frame where they are mounted.
  • Alan Haskins
    Appropriate for ACR?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      There is no difference between a PT, Neon or Neon SRT-4 or a Neon SRT-4 ACR control arm wise, they all use the same control arm. So, yes you'll be fine. The only difference suspension wise with the ACR is the spring used and the strut. Everything else is the same as a regular Neon SRT-4.