Lug Bolt to Wheel Stud Conversion Kit, 23-24 Dodge Hornet

Model Number: 228300-STUD-KIT

You may be asking yourself, why would I need a wheel stud conversion kit?

This kit serves three purposes:

  • For those of you that want more options as far as colors and brands of lug nuts.
  • For those of you that are not fans of lug bolts, this allows you to get rid of the lug bolts
  • This kit allows you to more easily get different width wheel spacers, and run wheel spacers. When you have the factory lug bolts, for each different spacer you try out, you have to get different length lug bolts. Whereas with this kit, you can run up to 20mm thick spacers and use the same lug bolts.
  • Features of these bolts:

  • These bolts have a allen key head to allow you to quickly thread them into the hub, and a large barb to stop the stud from being tightened in too far.
  • These bolts are made with a cold forged tehnology for highest strength.
  • These bolts are made in Europe, and are a Class 10.9 bolt which is a very high strength.
  • These bolts are made in a factory that is ISO 9000 certified, which is a quality management standard.
  • These bolts are put through a 6 stage quality test, including 1) Hardness test, 2) Dimensional check, 3) Salt Spray test, 4) Tensile strength test, 5) Metallographic Analysis and 6) Torque and Tension test.
  • Keep in mind, in order to use this kit, you will need open ended lug nuts. You could use closed ended lug nuts if you were to cut down the stud excess length, but as they are now, they are too long and a closed ended lug nut would bottom out on the stud and not make contact with the wheel, thereby not securing the wheel. We offer open ended lug nuts that will work perfectly with this kit, sold seperately.

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