Headlight Rewire Harness, 95-05 Neon/Neon SRT4

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Model Number: 701151

Want to use high powered headlight bulbs, or HID kits in your 1995-2005 Dodge/Plymouth Neon or Neon SRT-4?

With this Kinnettic Kreations headlight rewire kit, you get power from the starter wiring (which comes directly from the battery) and supply high current to the headlight wiring. This way, whenever you use high powered headlights or HID lights, you wont melt your headlight wiring, or melt the multi function switch in the 00-05 Neon. This will also limit the amount of power going to the headlight switch in your 95-99 Neon.

Installation is very easy. You plug one of your factory headlight wiring plugs into the wiring, connect the power to the starter, connect a ground, and plug the harness into your headlight bulbs and you are done. The relays and fuse are in waterproof enclosures.

Headlight Rewire Harness, 95-05 Neon/Neon SRT4, Lights & Bulbs: Store Name

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  • Bones McGregor
    What type/size light bulbs work best with this kit?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      This is designed for 9007 bulbs, the OEM type, and are optimized for any light that needs increased power, ie, any bulb higher than 50 watts for low beam, or if you want increased current to any aftermarket 9007 HID kit.
  • Danielle
    My headlights flicker when driving or sitting and my wires to the headlight switch gets hot. Will this help prevent that and I'm using standered bulb on a 96 neon. Oh and the connector been replaced and it's melted again thanks
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      For any Neon or Neon SRT-4, the power that is pulled by the headlights is run through the switch (on 95-99) and through the multifunction switch on 00-05 Neons and SRT-4. What this rewire harness does, is makes power from the headlights pull directly from the battery, and makes it so that power is not pulled through the headlight switch. This drastically reduces the heat and melted connectors. Its a huge benefit, and we strongly recommend this to be used.
  • chris
    what happens to the pass side factory headlight socket? does it harm it to stay open to elements?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      Yes, one of the headlight sockets will be left open. You could tuck it away into a corner, or even wrap it in electrical tape if you wish.
  • Carlos
    Do you guys reccomend buying this if planning to use nokya bulbs?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      We recommend every SRT-4/00-05 Neon use this harness regardless of what bulbs you use. Why? Well, because of the way the headlights are powered. Huge amounts of power are run through the turn signal/multi function switch, and thats why every SRT4/00-05 Neon will ultimately have a melted multi function switch plug over time. Just use this, and avoid sending high currents through the multi function switch.
  • Davante Adams
    If your original headlight harness is burnt out how can I bypass that and run the harness?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      This harness needs a good signal/power from the OEM harness in order for it to turn on power from the relays and work correctly. If you have a problem with your headlight harness its most likely from a plug that is melted or malfunctioning. You should check your connectors and if you need a replacement, search for part number 701167-HL in the search bar and use those to replace your faulty connector.
  • Kody Stone
    Will this work with the DEPO Projector headlights, and if so, are there any different steps?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      This kit will work with all headlights designed to work with factory wiring, ie, the 9007 style headlight bulb plug. We cant think of any headlight that would be designed for the Neon/SRT-4 that would have different wiring, so technically it should work with every headlight ever made for the Neon, or Neon SRT4.