OEM Intercooler Charge Piping Throttle Body MPx Silicone Coupler 15-19 Jeep Renegade/Fiat 500x 1.4 Turbo

Model Number: 346000-COUPLER

If you own a 2015-2018 Jeep Renegade/Fiat 500X with 1.4 Turbo motor, at some point you will likely have a torn rubber boot on the charge pipe where it attaches to throttle body. If you call a dealership to ask about a replacement part, they will tell you that you have to purchase a complete plastic charge pipe assembly with hoses for hundreds of dollars.

So, what we did, is we worked with a silicone manufacturer to make a 4 ply silicone coupler exactly like the OEM coupler that will not tear and leak boost pressure. This silicone coupler is an exact fit, perfect measurement replacement of the OEM coupler, this is not a universal silicone piece. Its important to note that you may find couplers that are similar looking to this, however, the OEM coupler has a shorter small side outlet, and a much longer, large side inlet. If you use a universal coupler, your piping will end up shorter than the OEM and the angles will be off. So, make sure you have perfect fitment, with the MPX exact OEM size/length coupler!

This coupler is a direct replacement, and also comes with two new clamps, because the factory clamps are designed to be permanent and never removed. You will need to cut off the oem clamps, install this new silicone coupler and clamps. Then you wont ever have to deal with loss of boost pressure/power and weird idle issues from a cracked OEM coupler!

1.4 Turbo Jeep Renegade MPx Silicone Throttle Body Coupler Hose Replacement

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