Injen 3" Inlet Replacement Nano Filter

Model Number: 226134

Need a replacement air filter for your Injen intake? No problem!

  • SuperNano-Web Dry Air Filter
  • 3.0" Diameter
  • Neck 5.0"
  • Base x 4.875" Tall x 5.0"
  • Product Features: Dry SuperNano-Web Media 100% Polyurethane Construction For The Up Top And Base Oil-Free Conical Performance Filter Washable And Reusable For Multiple Cleaning Cycles Integrated Ridges In Flange Insures A Tight No Leak Seal

    This filter is a 3.0" diameter


    Additional Options

    Injen Hydro Shield (filter wrap for extra filtration)

    Model Number: 226124-1
    Have you recently purchased a Injen intake and want extra filtration protection from dust, dirt and water? The Hydro Read more

    Injen 3 Inlet Replacement Nano Filter, Air Intake : Store Name

    Ask a Product Question

    • Jamie
      Is this filter, and the one which came with the Injen CA for the 2.4l dart, made from cotton or paper? I was told that the cotton filters can be cleaned but with the paper filters it is better to buy a replacement. Thank you.
      1 Answer
      • customer service rep

        As of 6/1/2015 this filter is a dry cotton gauge type filter that can be cleaned and reused.