Grimmspeed License Plate Relocation Kit, 2013-16 Dart

Model Number: 226705
  • Most adjustability points available on the market- customize this to your liking!
  • Mounts in OEM tow hook location (No cutting or drilling required).
  • Simple stainless steel allen key hardware.
  • Will not block flow to your intercooler or radiator!
  • Indestructible Black Zinc coated 12L14 Steel shaft This will not bind and break off in your tow hook hole like cheap aluminum kits)
  • License plates are a necessary evil on the front of our cars, but you can save your front bumper from getting drilled, looking boring, or blocking flow to radiator and intercooler with the GrimmSpeed License Plate Relocation Kit.

    Utilizing our unique Infinite-Adjust design allows for virtually any mounting position and angular adjustment so you can mount it where you want it! Our simple design mounts in the OEM tow hook location for maximum support while providing you with the largest range of adjustment available on the market.

    With laser cut and powder coated 5052 Aluminum, this bracket will hold your plate confidently in place while looking sharp and light. Each tow hook adapter is custom designed and CNC machined from 12L14 Steel and then treated with black zinc for an indestructible and perfect fit.

    A very small number of Darts have the tow hook cover on the bumper, but do not have a threaded hole for this to mount into. Please pop off the plastic cover on the bumper and check to see if you have the threaded hole to make sure this will work on your Dart. If you do not see a threaded hole, and instead just see a hole with no threads then this will not work.

    • Gary
      Interested in purchasing this item, but when I popped off the cap in the front of the car, where it goes, didn't see a hole to put this in. I have a 2014 dodge dart (blacktop) . I'm Very interested.
      1 Answer
      • customer service rep

        If you do not have a hole for a tow hook to thread into, then you wouldnt be able to install this piece as there needs to be a tapped hole behind the cap.