Granatelli Ignition Tune Up In A Box, 03-05 Neon SRT-4 / 03-10 PT Cruiser Turbo

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Model Number: 220123-

We've put together a tune up package for our customers. This package has the (red or blue) Granatelli spark plug wires, Granatelli coil pack, and NGK spark plugs.

Included in this package:

  • Granatelli Spark Plug Wires- The spark plug wires that have the LOWEST ohms resistance ever measured for the Neon SRT-4! No other wire comes close! We've offered these wires since 2007 and these wires have been very popular in the SRT-4 community! These wires are made in the USA!
  • Granatelli Ignition Coil Pack- Works great, and is much more affordable than the OEM coil pack. Better quality than other coil packs on the market.
  • NGK Spark Plugs: The legendary NGK Iridium plugs give the best spark output and longest life out of all plugs we have tested.

These are available different heat ranges:

  • Stock heat range (LZTR5AIX-13)- Stock heat range is for cars that are BONE stock with no increase in boost.
  • 1 Step Colder (LZTR6AIX-13)- Colder range, is for 90% of SRT-4 drivers out there, who have increased the boost with a good number of bolt on mods.
  • 2 Steps Colder (LZTR7AIX-13)- For big turbo, big turbo engines only, in the 450+hp range.
  • Recommended spark plug gap for the Neon SRT-4.

    • Stock Turbo, OEM Boost Level: 0.038"-0.040"
    • Stock Turbo, Modified & Higher Boost Levels: 0.032" - 0.036"
    • Big Turbo: 0.028" - 0.032"

    The higher the boost, the smaller the gap you should be using!

    This kit is now offered with red Granatelli wires! We worked with Granatelli to bring out their legendary wires in red, not just blue!

    Save time and add this package with one click!

Granatelli Ignition Tune Up In A Box, 03-05 Neon SRT-4 / 03-10 PT Cruiser Turbo, Ignition & Electrical: Store Name

Ask a Product Question

  • Taylor
    what are the gap sizes on these spark plugs?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      From the factory, these have a gap of about .050-.055 thousandths, which is useless for the 03-05 SRT-4 and 03-07 PT Turbo . These should never be installed out of the box, we recommend .025-.038 thousandths gap as recommended on this product page.
    Running 20-22PSI What would be the best gap on these plugs?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      We have spent extensive amounts of time explaining spark plug gap on the NGK iridium page. Instead of going more into detail here, please see the NGK iridium page and read up on gaps on that page. Just enter 220143 in the search bar and read the product page and Q&A on the bottom of the page.
  • Brandon Tistoj
    My car should be over 400hp but I'm not sure if it'll be 450+ Which heat range would you recommend
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      Increased boost pressures over stock up to 450hp, one range colder plugs. If you are over 450hp, then two range colder plugs.