Eibach Replacement Springs for BC Coilover Suspension

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Model Number: 601318-KIT

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Are you looking for a softer ride for your 95-05 Neon or Neon SRT-4 equipped with BC coilovers?

We have tested these on a few of our personal cars and the results are astounding!

The standard spring rate for the BC coils are 336 Front and 224 Rear. Some of our customers, and even employees wanted a softer spring rate, so we did some research and found that we can offer a Eibach spring set for your BC or Megan coilovers.

We've found that the front is a little firmer than we'd like and the rear softer than we'd like.

So, we moved from a 336 front spring to a 275 ft lb spring. We went from a 224 ft/lb spring in the rear to a 250 ft lb spring. This makes the front end a little softer over bumps but still firm enough to have better handling than stock springs and struts. Also the rear was made more firm so that we wouldn't have the tire hit the fender as much as well.

NOTE: These springs have a different height than the stock BC springs so you will need to re-tension your spring perches to these springs. The fronts are 3mm shorter and the rears are 21mm shorter. So, after swapping your old springs for these, simply tension the spring perch, and then go another 2 full rotations with the perch.

You can order these as a full set of 4 with this listing or you can purchase just the front or rear springs separately by clicking on the links on the bottom of this page.

Please select fronts, rears or the set from the attribute below.

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Ask a Product Question

  • Al
    Will just changing the fronts to this going from the 336 spring rate to the 275 make the car a significantly more comfortable ride?
    1 Answer
    • customer service rep

      Yes, that's exactly what we carry these for. These have a 15% lower spring rate which helps make for a more comfortable ride.
  • Freddie Camacho
    Will going with this spring rate lower the front more than the 336 spring rate?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      It is possible your car could sit lower after you install these springs but not by much.
  • John
    Are the eibach Springs also shorter than the stock Megan Springs? Will the retention process be the same for the Megan coilovers as well as the BC coilovers? Two full turns after Snugging the perch to the spring?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      These springs are not offered by us for use with Megan coilovers, the title says for BC coilover suspension. This is because the Megan uses a different spring rate and these are not compatible. We can help you with different spring rates for the Megan coilovers for the Neon , contact us by email to discuss further.
  • tomasz
    i live in NY where roads arent the best. we have bumps and cracks on the street so which spring rate wouldve been the best for my srt-4 to have a comfortable ride at any speed?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      If you have BC coilovers, the Eibach springs we list here will help you big time. Read a customer from New York's review of this product in our blog:
  • HybridKid
    Will these fit the 'old' IPP coilovers? Thanks.
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      These are universal coilover springs made by Eibach and they will fit with any coilover with a 2.5 inch ID that need a 8 inch tall spring. The last time we saw a set of IPP coilovers it was around 2009/2010 so we have no idea what the specs of those are, you'd need to measure the ID and length. Those must be so old though, we'd recommend just replacing them as the strut cartridges have to be worn out by now, and there are no more replacement parts available for those since the company closed down around 2011?
  • Alexander Hendricks
    Can I just put the front (275) springs on my rear bc coil overs?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      Front springs and rear springs are the same diameter springs (2.5 inches) but have different heights. If you put rear springs on the front coilovers it would raise your vehicle. If you want to customize your spring rates, its best to contact us and we can either custom order Eibach springs in your desired spring rate for your existing coilovers, or we can work with BC to custom order you a new set of coilovers with whatever spring rate you want.
  • Sean
    Looking for 175 lbs/inch springs for the rear with BC coilovers. Already have your 275s on the front. Any recommendations?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      You should only modify your spring rates by roughly 10% or else you'll have dampers that don't properly match your springs. If you want other springs that we do not list, then go to Eibach to look at their race spring selection. BC coilovers use 2.5 inch ID springs, and you can choose your height and spring rate.