MPx 70mm Race Throttle Body Custom Silicone Coupler

Model Number: 220127-COUPLER

When we designed the MPx 70mm race throttle body, we had some challenges to face. We wanted to make the largest throttle body possible that would have the typical two bolt SRT-4 style flange. Doing so, meant we would really push the throttle inlet as close to the bolts as possible to maximize the inner diameter. So much so, that we created a throttle body with a unique sized inlet. Our 70mm race tb has a 2.85 outer diameter sized lip. This is a problem, because most silicone couplers are in quarter inch sizes, so you can easily find 2.75 or 3.00 inch sizes, but not a 2.85 inch inner diameter size.

We know that some of you will figure it out somehow, because this is really designed to be a custom, race style part. However, we want to make this process easier, so we had a custom silicone coupler made to our exact specifications for a perfect fit.

This coupler is 4 inches long, it has a 2.85 inner diameter at the base of the throttle body and the inner diameter at the top is 2.5 inches. This will make the job easier of mounting your 2.5 inch inlet pipe to this throttle body.

This coupler is a 4 ply, meaning it has 4 layers of cloth reinforcement to make this coupler super strong.

03-05 Dodge SRT-4 MPx 70mm Race Throttle Body Silicone coupler

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