DEI Cool Cover Intake Heat Reduction Wrap

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Model Number: 601166

The DEI intake heat wrap is designed to prevent air tubes from becoming heat soaked. Made of heat treated fiberglass with a reflective coating, the Air Tube Cover will reflect heat away from the air tube. This allows cooler air to be introduced into the intake for a cooler, denser air/fuel charge.

The Air Tube Cover can be installed/removed in seconds without the use of tools by a full-length hook & loop closure system. Easy ON for GO, Easy OFF for SHOW ! The air tube cover is available in a 36" long by 14" wide that can easily be cut to size for smaller applications. This easily fits up to 4 inch in diameter air intakes.

  • Roran
    Do you know if this fits the 1gn iceman intake tube?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      We are not sure if this will work with the Iceman intake. This is an universal item that measures 36" long by 14" wide.
  • Joseph
    Does this fit the Takeda air intake?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      This will fit nearly every air intake ever made, as its a universal item. Just keep in mind that its 36 inches long and it will fit up to about a 5 inch diameter tube.