BC Coilover Suspension, 95-99 Neon w/ SRT-4 Hubs

Model Number: 221324+221324-SRT4

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If you have a 95-99 Neon and would like to use Neon SRT-4 hubs or brakes, this is the coilover suspension setup for you. Not doing a SRT-4 hub swap? Then these will do you no good. Take a look at our other listing for standard BC Coilover Suspension for the 95-99 Neon.

We take the standard 95-99 Neon BC Coilover Suspension, and add a pair of the threaded sleeves to allow you to use the Neon SRT-4 hubs. By giving you both 95-99 Neon and 03-05 Neon SRT-4 sleeves, you can install the coilovers with either set of hubs.

These coilovers have a 30 way adjustment so you can adjust the dampening of the coilovers to your liking. 0 is full soft, 30 is full hard, and most people leave the dampening around 7-14.

Because of the threaded lower sleeve, you have a 0-3 inch drop capability that will NOT sacrifice your strut travel, and ride quality. You can lower your vehicle 2 inches, and not be hitting the bump stops constantly!

Lastly, the BC coilovers are triple anodized hardcoated for protection against water, dirt, oil and other debris.


Additional Options

Eibach Replacement Springs for BC Coilover Suspension

Model Number: 601318-KIT
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BC Coilover Suspension, 95-99 Neon w/ SRT-4 Hubs, Coilover Suspension: Store Name

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  • Steven
    If I purchase this set what else would I need other than brake lines, calipers, pads, rotors, to convert my 98 Neon from rear drum to rear disc?
    1 Answer
    • Modern Performance

      You'd need the rear hubs, brake discs, calipers, and the emergency brake lines from a rear disc car. Its a straightforward swap, the hardest part is finding a rear disc Neon to do the swap with.
  • Anonymous
    If I'm only swapping to PT axles & hubs, with plans of a 2.4L stratus swap in the future, do I really need these extra sleeves?
    Not the SRT-4 Engine
    1 Answer
    • customer service rep

      If you are using the PT braking system, then yes, you will need this kit as the PT hubs and knuckles are thicker and you cant use PT hub/knuckles with your 95-99 Neon struts.