ARP Extended Wheel Studs (Set of 5), 07-12 Caliber/Caliber SRT-4

Model Number: 223345

We now carry ARP Extended Wheel Studs for the 07-12 Caliber (incl. SRT-4). They have a tensile strength of 190,000 psi and are able to easily handle loads (shear) and lateral forces (elongation) found in racing. This listing is for a set of 5 pieces (enough for one wheel).

These use a M12x1.5 thread pitch, same as factory. These wheel studs are 1.0" longer than the OEM studs (20 mm of additional thread), and will work with either the front or rear!

Note: The wheel studs must be installed with a press with the hub removed from the car. We have had customers try to use their lug nuts to pull the stud through by torquing down their lug nuts. This will not work with these studs, just do it right and remove the hub, and press the studs in.

ARP Extended Wheel Studs (Set of 5), 07-12 Caliber/Caliber SRT-4, Drivetrain: Store Name

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  • Shaun
    Same as stock thread pitch?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      Yes of course.