Anaerobic Sealant (aluminum to aluminum sealing)

Model Number: 601191

Anaerobic sealant is used for aluminum to aluminum contact. Are you changing your shift selector, shift extender, or re-assembling your transmission? This can also be used to seal the bedplate of the engine to the block. RTV, another sealant which is only to be used on dissimilar metal assembly ( aluminum to steel), is commonly INCORRECTLYused on aluminum to aluminum contact. When the two pieces are torqued down, RTV squeezes out both insides of the joint, falling off inside the transmission, blocking oil passage ways, which a leads to transmission failure. Anaerobic sealant only solidifies between the joint, so no solids can contaminate or block the transmissions oiling system.

Anaerobic Sealant (aluminum to aluminum sealing), Drivetrain: Store Name

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  • Zac
    Hi I'm about to do my clutch, pivot ball and fork would I need this for any of that?? Thanks
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      You are not disassembling your transmission, you are merely taking it off. This is used in case you took your transmission apart, or any other aluminum to aluminum sealant needs.