AGP Race Intercooler, 03-05 Neon SRT-4

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Model Number: 220160-LARGE

If you are ready to step up to a maximum size intercooler, the AGP Race Intercooler is here! This unit has a giant core measuring 24.0 x 12.0 x 4.5! The end tanks are cast one piece units that are shaped for maximum flow to the entire core. It is designed to work with the stock charge piping couplers and will require trimming to the back side of the front bumper to clear the oversize core (1/2" in two places). This is for a serious, big turbo, big power setup.

Note: As of early 2019, AGP is no longer polishing the end tanks on this intercooler as pictured. They now have a flat silver finish to them.


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  • Anonymous
    Will I need to purchase a crash bar with this item?
    1 Answer
    • Modern Performance

      No you do not need a crash bar for this item. This will bolt up to your car with no problems.
  • Tim
    I was comparing the direct fit with the race intecoolers. in the pic the direct fit lookes likes exactly that, while the race does not show were it mounts up to the upper and lower charge pipes. Is it safe to assume that if u purchase the AGP UPP and LOWR charge pipes the race intercooler will bolt directly on?
    1 Answer
    • 220120

      ALL AGP intercoolers are designed to have the factory style connections so that they bolt on to your existing hot and cold side piping.
  • Yvo
    It's stated that it's only for big turbo setups, this wouldn't work with the stock turbo?
    1 Answer
    • customer service rep

      Sure, your car will still run, and make power with a factory turbo and this intercooler, but you'll gain lots of lag, as this has a super thick core. Larger core intercoolers will increase lag, and make you lose power. There is no need for this intercooler unless you have a larger turbo that puts out much larger volumes of air.
  • Brady
    Can I run AC with this intercooler?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      Yes of course. All SRT-4 intercoolers ever made work fine with AC. Sure, it blocks the AC condenser more than factory, but the AC still works fine.
  • Lindsay
    The listing says that this is for a big turbo set up. What exactly is defined as "big"? I'm looking at a precision 5862 turbo, and wondering if that turbo is able to move enough air with this thing so that I don't get any lag? Or should I go with the smaller version FMIC from AGP?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      Bigger turbo, pretty much means any turbo larger than the factory turbo, and hopefully making a minimum of 350-400 wheel horsepower. If you want as minimal amount of lag possible and a maximum of about 450 hp, then you'd want to consider the direct fit intercooler from AGP.