AEM X-Series OBDII Gauge

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Model Number: 601618

AEM's X-Series OBDII Gauge puts multiple channels of data at your fingertips by reading the CAN bus stream of your vehicle's OBD port and transmitting those channels to the gauge display. It reads Diagnostic Trouble Codes and gives you the ability to clear codes. Wiring is as simple as connecting the gauge to your vehicle's OBDII port using the supplied connector! Because the X-Series OBDII gauge reads OBDII parameters transmitted through a vehicle's CAN datastream.

Use the 'Page' button on the gauge face to scroll through available channels of data transmitted through the OBD port. Possible channels are listed below and may include:

  • Intake air temp
  • Ambient air temp
  • Engine coolant temp
  • Fuel rail pressure
  • Engine RPM
  • Fuel system status - open loop/closed loop
  • Timing advance
  • Intake manifold pressure
  • Boost pressure
  • Engine oil temp
  • Throttle position
  • Vehicle speed
  • and more (channel availability is ultimately dependent upon what channels are programmed to transmit by the vehicle manufacturer).

    The 'DTC' button tells the gauge to scan for trouble codes and will report any stored DTCs, allowing you to look them up and determine the course of repair. This button also allows users to clear DTCs once the problem is resolved. The X-Series OBDII Gauge has a bright four-digit LED display that is 87% larger than our original digital gauges and provides better readability. A sweeping LED "needle" lines the edge of the gauge face for quick reference. A 33% overall increase in the gauge face display makes it easier to see at a glance. X-Series Gauges come with a black bezel and faceplate, and an optional silver bezel/white faceplate accessory kit is available (special order).

    Despite the larger display, X-Series Gauges are contained in a standard 2-1/16th-inch (52mm) diameter housing for mounting in a standard gauge pod. Thanks to an advanced single board design, X-Series Gauges have an incredibly slim overall depth of under 0.825", with a cup depth of only 0.200." This shallow cup depth allows X-Series Digital Gauges to be mounted practically anywhere.

    This will only work on 2008 and newer model year vehicles. Will not work on earlier 1995-2007 OBD vehicles.

    NOTE : We have found that this gauge will not work on the 1.4 Dart. It works on the 2.0/2.4 Darts though.

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    • James Epps
      Even though it's OBDII. Is the 2008+ requirement because of CAN?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        Yes, this gauge only works with CAN-bus based computer systems. This is only found on cars from 2008- present. Earlier cars cannot use this gauge.
    • Griffin
      Does this read air to fuel?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        Good question. This gauge works all the way back to about 2008 and the newer the car is the more likely it will have air fuel monitoring. We know this gauge works great in our 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth, and 2014 Dodge Dart GT and its worked in several 2017 cars we have tested it on. But there is no guarantee, you'll just have to test it out to see.