AEM UEGO Wideband Replacement LSU 4.2 Oxygen Sensor Cable

Model Number: 601617-CABLE

AEM has used two different oxygen sensors with their AEM Air Fuel ratio gauge kits. Please look at our photos showing the difference in the connectors and compare to your existing oxygen sensor connector before purchasing.

If you need replacement parts for the AEM UEGO Wideband Gauge, you're in luck! We stock replacement oxygen sensors, oxygen sensor cables, and power cables.

This listing is for the AEM UEGO LSU 4.2 Oxygen Sensor Cable. This cable runs between the oxygen sensor and the gauge, and is a perfect for replacement for cables damaged by road debris, etc.

AEM UEGO Wideband Replacement LSU 4.2 Oxygen Sensor Cable, Air Fuel Ratio Gauges & Accessories: Store Name

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  • nathan
    hey i have an innovate motorsports air fuel ratio gauge.. would that plugin fit in the back of the gauge.
    1 Answer
    • Modern Performance

      No the cable is different between the brands.
  • Josh
    How do I know if this is the cable I need for the gauge I have? I purchased a car that has the sensor and gauge but no wiring!
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      For most people, they will look at the old sensor and know which one they need based on the connection at the plug. If you have no wiring, well, you need to look at the part number on the back of the gauge to determine which one you have, and then buy the power wire, and signal wire, and oxygen sensor. That's a lot of missing parts, and you may end up paying more for parts than you would for a whole new, working gauge.
  • zach cofer
    I have the older 4.2 complete wideband kit an was wondering could I buy the newer 4.9 sensor harness an sensor an run it on my older guage?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      No, absolutely not. You cannot change sensors or wiring with different part numbers. If you have a older gauge then get the older sensor and or harness.