AEM Cold Air Intake, 08-10 Cobalt SS

Model Number: 243117

AEM realized a gain of 17 horsepower and 14 lbs of torque at the wheels with this intake OVER the factory airbox!

This intake was made after extensive testing and design, and is made from a silicone rubber elbow, and a 3 inch aluminum intake tube.

This intake, unlike other intakes for the Cobalt SS Turbo is a TRUE cold air intake which makes the MOST power out of all other designs. Most other designs will place the air filter in the engine bay, which will pull in lots of heated air from the engine bay (creating less horsepower), instead of pulling in air from outside of the engine bay (MAX horsepower!)

The photo above is the intake designed for the 08-10 Cobalt SS.

This intake is California Air Research Board approved (CARB).

  • Dave
    Does this fit the HHR SS also?
    1 Answer
    • Modern Performance

      No this will not work with the HHR. I beleive K&N/AEM have a different part number for the HHR intake.
  • mike
    do you have to cut car body to install this kit and will this kit have any affect on yhe check engine light
    1 Answer
    • Modern Performance

      There is no cutting neccesary for any sheetmetal with ANY intake that we sell for the turbo Cobalt.
  • Trevor
    How long ( avg) would it take to install? Do you need to remove the bumper cover or is the install fairly straightforward
    1 Answer
    • customer service rep

      You do not need to remove the bumper, but if you loosen the bumper cover on the passenger side it will allow better access. Installation takes about 1.5 hours and black and white photo installation instructions are provided in the box.