VHT Niteshades Spray Tint & Quick Clearcoat Package

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Model Number: 601740-KIT

Note: This product can not be shipped by air mail. This includes all forms of express delivery, as well as deliveries to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and all international destinations.

This is a bundle package of Two cans of Niteshades and one can of Niteshades clear coat. This way you can spray the niteshades on all of your lenses, and then clear coat them for a nice glossy finish!

Niteshades is an easy to apply, spray on tint for turn signals, taillights and any other lenses on your car/truck you want to tint.

This product applies just like spray paint, and the more coats you spray on, the darker the light/lense will get. So, spray an even coat on the lense/light and if you want it darker, spray another coat on ! Its easy to do, and is a very inexpensive way of changing the look of your car/truck!

Modern Performance ships daily by Fedex, and we can have the Niteshades spray tint delivered right to your doorstep within a few days.

We finally have a product that will fix the low gloss finish of Niteshades, and its Niteshades CLEAR COAT! The Niteshades clear coat will allow your sprayed lenses to have a nice shiny finish, while protecting the paint from bird poo, dirt and other elements.

  • William
    When using this product will the lights shine clearly through the paint, no matter what I put them on? (Headlights all break lights, parking lights)
    1 Answer
    • customer service rep

      This product should only be used on tail lights or parking lights, not headlights. This is because it will reduce the light output of the light and would not be safe to tint headlights.