VHT Niteshades Quick Clearcoat

Model Number: 601739

Note: This product can not be shipped by air mail. This includes all forms of express delivery, as well as deliveries to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and all international destinations.

If you've ever sprayed Niteshades onto one of your taillights or turn signals, you've probably noticed that Niteshades drys to a low gloss, matte type finish.

We finally have a product that will fix the low gloss finish of Niteshades, and its Niteshades CLEAR COAT! The Niteshades clear coat will allow your sprayed lenses to have a nice shiny finish, while protecting the paint from bird poo, dirt and other elements.

Please Note: this part listing is ONLY for Niteshades Clear Coat, if your interested in getting Niteshades AND Clear Coat we offer bundles, look in our catalog of parts to find our other listing.

Price is for one can, if you'd like more than one can, adjust the quantity you'd like.

  • Jamie
    Can I use this to re-clearcoat my Spyder Version 2 HALO headlights? The factory clearcoat has worn off, and I'd like to keep the lenses protected. Will this product work for me, or should I try something else?
    1 Answer
    • customer service rep

      No, this is not for headlights. We recommend using one of the headlight polishing kits available at your local auto parts store to restore your headlights nice clear finish.