Nitrous Express GEN-X Upgrade Kit

Model Number: 601201
The Gen-X kit is a system that is composed of a fully automatic bottle warmer (so when the pressure in the bottle drops below 900 psi, it will heat the bottle, to increase the pressure).

It also includes a pressure gauge to mount on the bottle, a fuel safety cut off switch (so if there is any problem with the fuel lines from the gas tank, it cuts off the system), and a blow down tube. The blow down system has a pressure cap that installs on the top side of the bottles valve, in the even the bottle pressure gets to a critical level, the cap will blow and bottle pressure will be relieved outside the vehicle.

This is required for all cars that will be run on on drag strips, or NHRA, SCCA events.

Nitrous Express GEN-X Upgrade Kit, Methanol & Nitrous Oxide Systems: Store Name

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