Clutch Pivot Arm 03-05 SRT-4/PT Cruiser

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Model Number: 220255
Problem: For 01-05 Dodge Neon/SRT4's and 01-10 Chrysler PT Cruisers, the hydraulic clutch master cylinder connects to the clutch pedal via whats called a Clutch Pivot. The master cylinder connects to the clutch pivot and has a plastic locking clip to hold it in place. Over time ,the plastic locking clip will break, and or wear away and cause inconsistent clutch engagement/disengagement.

This piece replaces the factory plastic clutch pivot piece altogether with an alumium body, bearing grade bronze bushing, cover plate, bolt and e-clip.

This gives you a MUCH more solid clutch feel, and will eliminate any clutch inconsistencies. Plus, its very simple to install, and only requires a socket set, and about 5 minutes to remove the factory piece and install the clutch pivot arm!

  • Fits 01-05 Dodge/Plymouth Neons
  • Fits 03-05 Dodge SRT4
  • Fits 01-10 Chrysler PT Cruisers/GT Cruisers
  • $41.99
    Clutch Pivot Arm 03-05 SRT-4/PT Cruiser, Drivetrain: Store Name

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    • anthony
      Any idea where I can get more of those locking clips? cause mine is broken, a friend of mine is broken too
      1 Answer
      • Modern Performance

        We are not sure where you can purchase these seperately but if you want to call our office we may have some laying around.
    • Ryan
      i have read alot about this before making my purchase, i read a few storys from a few years ago about the brass wearing quickly on these units. Is this still the case? Im running ACT clutch kit, i have snapped push rods before. I am trying to avoid this with this purchase. Will this do it or should i have bought the billet push rod?
      3 Answers
      • Modern Performance

        Its very rare to have excessive wear on the brass insert. We have sold a ton of these and had very few instances of it happening. If you are concerned, you could always apply grease to the brass fitting.
      • James

        i had this dame problem with mine and my ACT 6 puk clutch, i wouldnt not get this unit because everyone has mentioned excessive wear with aftermarket clutches because of the extra effort on clutch pedal pressure to engage. mine is worn out and slops from side to side , was great fro few hundred miles .....
      • David

        I Realize this is an old question, but I too have an ACT Clutch and wore the bronze bushing out, resulting in me snapping the clutch master cylinder rod. I replaced with a stock piece from the dealer. YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary)
    • Anonymous
      I bought this from Modern performance for my Australian delivered 2002 2.0 litre PT Cruiser. Mechanic says it will not fit my car. Can you confirm If he is correct.
      1 Answer
      • customer service rep

        We have no experience with export PT Cruisers, and cannot verify fitment on your car.
    • John
      Any idea where I can get the metal rod that attaches to this product?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        This piece rides on top of the master cylinder assembly. You can find the clutch master cylinder by searching in the search bar on the top of our website.