MPx Single Exit Rear Section Exhaust, 08-09 Caliber SRT-4

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Model Number: 223906

Interested in eliminating the huge factory muffler off of your Caliber SRT-4 to gain more power, and have a more louder, but yet sporty tone?

If so, we designed this exhaust option for those of you! This exhaust has a smaller, free flowing muffler compared to factory to allow you to make more power, and it has a smoother exhaust flow compared to the factory routing. This will create more power/and allow for faster turbo spool up than the factory muffler system, and will create a much louder more sporty exhaust tone.

When we designed the original prototype, we weren't happy with how loud the exhaust was, so we tested several different resonators, and then mufflers to quieten down some of the boominess of the exhaust. Also, some of you have asked why we didn't make a complete exhaust with mid pipe, and the reason is that the factory piping in between the downpipe and this muffler is very good with nice straight sections and large diameter. There is no room for improvement, so we didn't want to waste your money with new mid piping when it wasn't needed.

  • All Stainless steel construction
  • Double reinforced exhaust hanger.
  • Smoothly bent 3 inch tubing that clamps onto your factory piping
  • 4 Inch rolled edge tip
  • Photo installation instructions are provided

Installation is straightforward, you cut your exhaust piping, and use the provided Torco exhaust clamp to secure it to the factory exhaust piping.

Below is a sound clip of the MPx exhaust installed on a local Caliber SRT-4.

Ask a Product Question

  • Kevin
    I'm debating between exhausts. Does this exhaust have alot of drone? I do a bit of highway driving and want to enjoy the ride. Also I have a 2 year old lil girl and don't want to kill her hearing when she's with me. Thanks
    1 Answer
    • Modern Performance

      If you have a downpipe with cat, it will be louder, but not obnoxious. If you remove the cat on your downpipe it will be quite loud.

      You should be fine sound wise with a catted downpipe, and if it ends up being too loud you can easily add on a Vibrant ultra quiet resonator. They are not expensive and work well for when you need to quieten it down just a little bit.
  • val
    Which one is louder, this or the dual exit exhaust?
    Also, which one give more power? Is there any dyno testing results available?
    2 Answers
    • customer service rep

      Both single and dual exit give very similar power gains, 6-8 hp. The primary difference is looks, and the dual exit is quieter than the single exit.
    • Anonymous

      Less restriction more power, so single exit, and single exit is more louder too
  • Mike Rehill
    Is there any welding required or suggested for this exhaust as there is for the dual?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      This exhaust comes with a clamp to secure it and you can use the clamp to install this exhaust. However, we highly recommend you weld it on to make sure its ultra secure.
  • Kevin van Nielen
    Hello will this exhaust also fit on the 2,0 liter petrol dodge caliber ?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      No, this will not fit anything other than the Caliber SRT-4. The regular Caliber does not have 3 inch piping like the Caliber SRT-4 does. Furthermore, because this is designed to work with a turbo motor, if you installed this muffler on a non turbo car, it would sound terrible and be very loud.