MPx Lightweight Crankshaft Pulley, 08-09 Caliber SRT-4

Model Number: 223126

The MPx Lightweight Crankshaft Pulley for the 08-09 Dodge Caliber SRT-4

  • Weighs under a pound
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Does not affect AC / Power Steering / Alternator
  • Uses Factory Belt
  • Simple 30-45 Minute Installation

This lightweight pulley is designed to replace the factory crankshaft pulley, and reduce the rotating mass of your crankshaft assembly by 3.2 lbs! This may not sound like much, but it makes for a considerable difference in throttle response.

This pulley is the same diameter as the factory pulley, so you can use the factory belt, and there will be no affect on the power steering, air conditioning, or alternator.

There is only a single bolt holding the pulley to the crankshaft, so installation is a breeze. Our mechanics typically install this pulley in less than 20 minutes!

For those of you curious where the crankshaft pulley is located, it is on the passenger side of the car and is easily reached after removing the plastic splash shield behind the passenger wheel.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can this pulley be removed and installed multiple times?
    Yes, because we designed our pulley to have a stainless steel center, it can be removed and installed multiple times with no problems. Simply remove the retainer bolt, and slide the pulley off with your hands!
  • Is the Caliber SRT-4's engine balanced by the crankshaft pulley like on some V8's?
    No, it is not. The crankshaft pulley is only used to drive the accessories. Furthermore, we machine this pulley out of a billet aluminum blank on a fully automated CNC machine which creates a pulley that is perfectly balanced.
  • Will I see a horsepower gain with this pulley?
    Yes, you will likely see a small gain, somewhere between 5-7 HP, but you will primarily notice a nice increase in throttle response.


Ask a Product Question

  • coleman
    can you install this on a caliber sxt and also see a better throttle response?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      Yes, this pulley can also be used on non turbo 2.0/2.4 Calibers and it will help acceleration and improve throttle response noticeably!