MPx Intercooler & Crash Bar Package, 03-05 Neon SRT-4

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Model Number: 220164-KITWCRASH
Have a 2003-2005 Dodge SRT-4 and want a MPx Intercooler along with a MPx Crash bar and chassis reinforcement bar ?

Want to save some money?

Then you've found the right part listing! This combination of both the intercooler along with crash bar will save you money compared to buying both pieces seperately.

Information on the MPx Intercooler:

The MPx intercooler for the 03-05 Dodge SRT-4 features a 3.5 inch thick bar and plate core, 24 inch width, and 12 inch heigth. This size intercooler can support upwards of 550 HP!

This intercooler has predrilled mounting brackets for ease of installation, and factory type inlet and outlet so you can use your factory inlet and outlet piping to connect to it. It also has ONE PIECE CAST end tanks instead of multi piece welded end tanks for supreme strength! This piece is FAR superior strength wise to welded end tank intercoolers!

We have tested this piece on a 2004 SRT-4 with stage 1, intake, exhaust and gained 11 hp and 12 lbs of torque over the factory intercooler. On a 2004 Dodge SRT-4 with intake, exhaust, and stage 3 without toys the vehicle gained 19 hp, 21 lbs of torque, at the wheels OVER the factory intercooler.

So, wether you have a few bolt on parts, or a huge turbo and built motor, you can GAIN a good amount of power with this piece OVER the factory intercooler!

All purchases of MPx intercoolers with come with 4 FREE T bar clamps to clamp your factory hoses onto this intercooler. These T bar clamps are extremely important to use, because the factory hoses have a tendency to blow off at higher boost pressures. These clamps are wider, and because of their special locking feature, will NOT blow off, or slip!

Note: You must remove the factory crash bar in order to install this (as with any intercooler larger than the factory intercooler) and it may not be legal in your area to do so. Information on the MPx Crash bar and Chassis reinforcement bar:

Have you removed your factory crash bar to install a larger intercooler?

If so, then your car isnt protected for low speed impacts, because in a low speed impact your bumper will crumple into the intercooler, which will push into the radiator, into the fans, and into the motor.

Also, when you remove the factory crash bar, your removing some of the rigidity your car had due to the extra reinforcement of the crash bar. This means that during cornering, and hard acceleration your chassis could be flexing/twisting.

Now, nothing is as good for protection as the factory crash bar, but when you want to install a larger intercooler you really have no choice but to remove the factory crash bar. So, what we did is we created a crash bar/chassis reinforcement bar with the little room we had.

We started off with 2 inch rectangular 16 gauge steel, along with .20 inch thick bar plate for the ends and created a chassis reinforcement bar/crash bar for use with the MPx intercooler. (as of this writing, we have been able to confirm that it also fits the Spearco intercooler). Also, this is only 12 lbs so its strong, but yet fairly light !

The bar is fully welded, and is then powdercoated in matte finish black for longevity and great looks. This is not a spraypainted finish that will chip of wear off !

We designed this crash bar so that it wont affect the performance of your intercooler. Air still freely passes through the front bumper into your intercooler!

Because this crash bar/reinforcement bar utilizes factory mounting holes, theres no drilling, no cutting, chopping, etc. We provide new bolts for mounting and if you can install an intercooler, you can install this !

We designed this so that once your bumpers installed, it cannot be seen.

NOTE: there is no aftermarket crash bar as good as the factory crash bar for frontal impacts. Removing your factory crash bar is at your own risk.

*Backordered: 8/28/2020

Ask a Product Question

    Is this intercooler polished or does it have a dull finish?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      You can see the finish in the product photos. The end tanks are polished.
  • Josh
    Does this intercooler require any cutting or is it a direct mount?
    1 Answer
    • customer service rep

      It is a direct fit with no trimming of anything required.
  • Austin
    Can this be used with the stock turbo? I plan on getting the AGP big wheel in the near future but not quite yet.
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      If you have increased the boost, wether it be with stock turbo, or bigger turbo, this will work great. Its even MORE beneficial with the stock turbo with higher boost because the factory turbo really puts out heat at high boost levels, and this intercooler helps lower the intake air temperatures big time. Cooler air charge temperatures create more power!
  • Joshua Stalnaker
    Will I have to remove the AC compressor to make this intercooler fit correctly?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      No, definitely not. The AC compressor, power steering pump, etc are all behind the front core support. The intercooler and crash bar are in front of the core support. We've never heard of any SRT-4 having issues with the AC compressor unless you are doing some crazy custom intercooler piping and custom intercooler or something.