Energy Suspension Bushing Kit 00-05 Neon

Model Number: 221323
If your car is older, chances are your bushings are torn, and or soft and unable to hold the suspension firm when cornering under loads.

When your suspension bushings are worn out, and or cracked, your cars handling and tight suspension will feel loose and sloppy. If its bad enough, you wont be able to get an alignment done due to there being too much play in the suspension components.

These bushing kits replace every single bushing in your entire chassis. These bushing kits include:

  • Front control arm bushing set
  • Front sway bar bushing set (20mm)
  • Front endlink set
  • Rear strut trailing arm bushing set
  • Rear sway bar bushing set (14mm)
  • Rear endlink set
Its time to improve your suspension in your car !
Energy Suspension Bushing Kit 00-05 Neon, Bushing Kits: Store Name

Ask a Product Question

  • Rob
    Will I have to get an alignment after installing this kit? My car is currently prettty well aligned since I had it aligned not to long ago.
    Also, is professional installation neccesary. I am pretty handy and like to work on my car myself; is this something I can do? If so, how long would it take? What kind of benefits would I see. I'd just like to know that my 100 dollars are well spent. :)!
    1 Answer
    • Modern Performance

      Yes, you would definitely need an alignment afterwards as you'd be loosening/tightening every bolt/bushing in the entire suspension. Installation is straightforward, but lengthy. You'd notice a better handling, steering response, better feedback from the road.
  • Ruben
    Does this kit have the bushings for lateral arms?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      The ES bushing kit has bushings for the arms that go front to back and attach to the rear hub. But it does not have bushings for the rear control arms that bolt to the center of the car in the rear.