Eibach 5mm Pro Spacers with Studs (Front Only) 95-05 Neon / 03-05 SRT-4 / PT

Model Number: 601314-FRONT

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This price is for two spacers and ten studs. Please note that Eibach has discontinued the rear spacers as of March 2011. Only front spacers are available.

Comparing this spacer to the other spacers we carry? These are FAR superior, because they are German made, and come WITH NEW, LONGER WHEEL STUDS. When you use factory wheel studs with spacers, you risk the factory studs breaking, or the factory nuts coming loose because they dont have enough threads to hold them in place. Therefore, WE strongly recommend these Eibach spacers that come with new longer studs if your considering spacers.

All thats left to complete your vehicles street racer looks are some well-placed wheel spacers. These simple parts push your tires out flush with the face of the wheel well, eliminating useless gaps and widening your wheel base. Pick Eibach Pro Spacers for the job, and youll discover precise engineering that preserves alignment in a lighter aluminum alloy than steel wheel spacers.

Beyond the aggressive looks, Eibach Pro Spacers improve handling performance with their wider stance. You'll notice improved roll reduction and increase cornering grip.

  • Eibach Pro Spacers are custom-crafted to fit between your vehicle's hub and wheel
  • These specialized wheel spacers move your tire flush with the wheel well face for aggressive looks and a wider stance
  • Eibach Pro Spacers improve handling by reducing body roll with a wider wheel base
  • Crafted from durable aircraft-grade aluminum that's significantly lighter than steel wheel spacers
  • Precision Eibach wheel spacer engineering preserves wheel alignment
  • Note: The wheel studs must be installed with a press with the hub removed from the car. We have had customers try to use their lug nuts to pull the stud through by torquing down their lug nuts. This will not work with these studs, just do it right and remove the hub, and press the studs in.

    Eibach 5mm Pro Spacers with Studs (Front Only) 95-05 Neon / 03-05 SRT-4 / PT , Wheel Spacers: Store Name

    Ask a Product Question

    • antonio
      what is the size on the studs ???
      1 Answer
      • Modern Performance

        The bolts are M12, and the thread is 35mm in length.
    • Christian N.
      Are these hubcentric spacers? Summit has the same spacers & it says they are not hubcentric. Would like to confirm with you guys wether they are or not. Trying to get rid of my vibration with my non hubcentric spacers
      1 Answer
      • customer service rep

        Yes these are hubcentric.
    • Nathan
      Can I use the front on the rear wheels too?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        The spacers are the same between front and back. The bolts are a different knurl size between front and rear (rear is smaller). You could drill out the bolt holes in your rear hub and use these with the larger knurl bolts, or find your own larger bolts.
    • Terrance
      Can I buy replacement studs by individually?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        Yes, its best to contact Eibach in California directly for replacement individual studs.
    • chance
      like with the 10mm extended studs are 10mm longer than stocks, are the 5mm kit studs 5mm longer than stock?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        The studs in this kit are about 6mm longer than factory, so by the time you put the spacers and new studs on, its just a hair longer in length than the factory studs.
      Can I install the studs in this kit without removing the hub/wheel bearing?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        No, its impossible. You must remove the hub to access the bolts and replace them.