DEI SS Locking Ties 8"

Model Number: 601162

These locking ties were designed to secure DEI's exhaust wrap but the uses are endless. Made of high grade stainless steel they will withstand temperatures in excess of 2500 degrees and have a tensile strength over 100 lbs. These locking ties will provide a finished look to any job quickly and easily.

  • Made from high grade stainless steel
  • Can handle extreme heat in excess of 2500 degrees
  • Strong 100 lb tensile strength
  • Simple and safe with no sharp edges
  • Small ties are 2 inch in diameter and come in a pack of 8.
  • Large ties are 14 inch in diameter and come in a pack of 4.
  • Heres a photo of a long tube race header we installed into a 2.4 swapped motor in a 1995 Neon. The heat under the hood after wrapping the header was reduced substantially!

    Heres a photo of the ties. The small ties have a 8 inch length (perfect for header primaries) and come in a pack of 8. The large ties have a 14 inch length (perfect for collectors!) and come in a pack of 4.


    Additional Options

    DEI Exhaust/Header Wrap (1 inch or 2 inch wrap)

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    DEI SS Locking Ties 8, Exhaust: Store Name

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