DEI Exhaust/Header Wrap (1 inch or 2 inch wrap)

Model Number: 601160

The first step in controlling under hood temperatures is to use DEI's exhaust wrap. This wrap comes in 1 inch width for tight areas, as well as 2 inch widths for larger areas to wrap.

This product is designed to keep heat in the exhaust and evacuate it out of the engine compartment. Wrapping your headers will reduce under hood temperatures by up to 50% while providing additional horsepower, engine protection and passenger comfort.

All exhaust and header wraps are not alike! We start with a hi-temp fiberglass composite material then add a proprietary coating to enhance heat retention and expand durability. We are also the only manufacturer to add 1/4" guidelines to the exhaust wrap to ensure proper installation without the guess work.

  • Reduce under hood temperatures a realistic 50%
  • Improves horsepower
  • Only exhaust wrap with installation guide lines
  • Added durability and heat retention
  • Heres a photo of a long tube race header we installed into a 2.4 swapped motor in a 1995 Neon. The heat under the hood after wrapping the header was reduced substantially!

    When purchasing the wrap, dont forget to purchase the stainless steel ties to secure the wrap! These are sold seperately.

    This wrap is offered in either 1 inch or 2 inch width. We recommend the 1 inch for tight areas with lots of contours.


    Additional Options

    DEI SS Locking Ties 8"

    Model Number: 601162
    These locking ties were designed to secure DEI's exhaust wrap but the uses are endless. Made of high grade stainless Read more

    DEI Exhaust/Header Wrap (1 inch or 2 inch wrap), Exhaust: Store Name

    Ask a Product Question

    • Cody vitello
      Would it be okay if I use the DEI high temp silicone paint either underneath or on top of this wrap?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        The silicone spray is only intended for use on top of the DEI Wrap.
    • Gary
      Hi, I just purchased the Hi-Flow cat down pipe ( waiting for delivery ). Would it be feasible to use this wrap on my new purchase ?

      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        This product is normally used in the engine bay, to lower the temperatures under the hood. We really do not care much about temperatures under the car because there is plenty of air circulation under the car. Also, we are wanting cooler air in the engine bay so that any air that the engine takes in would be cooler. You can still use this if you need to lower temperatures of the exhaust beyond the engine bay though.
    • Dave
      Hello, bought a truck long tube header and header wrap. Noticed the above picture the header isn't wrapped the whole way to the collector. Should we wrap ours the same or should it be wrapped to the collector flange?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        The primary reason we wrap headers, is to reduce the underhood heat that escapes from the header. With the long tube header that is in the photo, we only wrapped that far, because the DEI header wrap kit does not have enough length to wrap the entire full long tube race header. Furthermore, the area that is left open is under the car, and would not contribute heat to the engine bay, so it was not a concern.