Model Number: 601102-NEO
The S-AFC NEO marks the newest edition to the world famous Super AFC line of piggy back fuel controllers. Building upon the powerful SAFC II, the AFC NEO has taken piggy back style fuel control to a new level. The AFC NEO boasts an incredible 16 points of user definable fuel correction. VTEC control has also been incorporated for Honda/Acura applications. A complete monitor mode is also available to keep the driver/tune informed of critical engine data.

Features include:
  • Completely new case design
  • Compact design
  • Incorporates both AFC and VAFC functions in one unit
  • 16 point fuel correction
  • Color FED display
  • User defined button and background colors
  • Inverted "anti-glare" screen
  • English instructions on Apexi's website:

Ask a Product Question

  • Jason
    Will this product work with the 2013 dodge dart 1.4t or the fiat 500 1.4t?
    1 Answer
    • customer service rep

      As of 5/5/15 we have not tested this on a Dart or Fiat 500. Its a universal product, and so you can use it on pretty much any car as long as you can get the throttle input wiring, map sensor wiring figured out and this wired in.
  • Jesus
    Will this work for my 2.0 Dohc
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      We originally started carrying this for use with the 1995-1999 Dodge/Plymouth Neon and also used it on the 03-05 SRT-4. Yes it will work great. You can find more information on wiring it up for the 95-99 Neon at neons.org.
  • Jeremy Codjoe
    Does this come with all the adapters to use on the 2.0 06 cobalt ss/sc ?? Or are there additional cables/adapters needed. Can you post videos of the setup ? anything possible helps thank you
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      This is a universal part, and is not application specific. Therefore, there are no car specific wiring harnesses or adapters offered by Apexi. You have to get a service manual for your car, figure out the wiring for the TPS sensor, map sensor, etc and hardwire this into your wiring.
  • Victor Calzada
    I have a 2005 dodge sx2.0 with the SOHC engine, 5spd bolt on mods. Seems like a very simple set up as there is what seems like minimal amount of sensors... is this a simple enough system to learn on? Or is there certain things that are given knowledge? I want to dive into the world of tuning, is this system user friendly? And if I do turbo the SOHC will this still work?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      The Apexi Super AFC has been used for a long time on Neons to tune for normally aspirated, or even turbo use. We recommend reading up more on installation and tuning use on Neons.org