AGP Wastegate Actuator, 08-09 Caliber SRT-4

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Model Number: 223118

Ditch your stock Caliber SRT-4 wastegate actuator for a high pressure adjustable AGP billet aluminum unit. This replaces the factory installed piece, and will allow you to hold higher boost pressures to redline.

Because the AGP Wastegate Actuator has a higher base spring rate, it allows the turbo to push higher, more stable boost. This actuator will help eliminate the boost oscillation that is caused by the stock weak actuator. Additionally, all AGP wastegate actuators are easily adjustable. You don't need to remove the actual rod end from the turbo in order to adjust preload (like you do on other brands). All you need to do is loosen the jamb nut, then turn the entire rod with the adjustment nut. It's very simple.

Installed in the AGP wastegate is a 8 lb spring, and inside the box are two extra springs. The extra springs are a 12 lb spring and a 19 lb spring. Use the 8 lb spring if you want to use the factory controlled boost, or the Diablosport tuner. If you want to bypass the factory controlled boost and do not have the Diablosport, then use the 12 lb spring. We do not recommend using the 19 lb spring unless you are using the AEM FIC, because the pcm closes the throttle once you go much higher than 16 psi, and so no matter what boost you are at above 16 or so, the pcm will close the throttle and you will not make more power. If you want to NOT HAVE pcm control, we recommend the 12 lb spring and adjust it so that you run 15-16 psi.

Colors and pressures of springs:

  • Yellow spring - 8 lb (which will give you 13-16 psi of boost) This one is installed already in the wastegate)
  • Green spring - 12 lb (which will give you 14-18 psi of boost)
  • Red spring - 19 lb (which will give you 18-22+ psi of boost. )
  • Note: From around 2005 to around 2015, AGP engraved their logo onto the wastegate body. That was discontinued sometime around 2015, and they are shipping the wastegate without the engraving now.

    Note: To see the full benefits of the AGP Wastegate Actuator, we highly recommend purchasing a DiabloSport tuner because the stock PCM will not allow more than 13-14 psi.

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    Ask a Product Question

    • Dan Rapp
      What does it take to install this unit? Do you have to re-do all vaccum lines? Eliminate boost solenoids? Or can this be a bolt on? Fuel much boost will the MS1 allow before over boost?
      1 Answer
      • Modern Performance

        The AGP wastegate actuator for the Caliber SRT4 is designed to run a vacuum line straight off the turbo directly to the wastegate actuator. Doing so bypasses the factory lines, solenoids and allows you better control of the boost level, AND builds boost faster than the soft factory wastegate that opens early.
    • Anonymous
      Does it come with installation instructions? How do I set preload on the AGP wastegate?
      1 Answer
      • customer service rep

        Yes it comes with instructions, preload is set by gently pulling on the wastegate flap. Its a simple procedure, dont worry!
    • Jennifer Mosby
      I thought this product came with a 8psi spring and a 12psi spring?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        This wastegate comes with a factory installed 8 psi spring, but also comes with a 12 psi spring and a 19 psi spring.
    • Shaun Black
      will I need a tune if I install this? only mods are catless downpipe and single exit exhaust
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        We have talked multiple times about using this with factory controlled boost, which implies factory pcm with no tune. So, yes you can install this without a tune, but we recommend if you want more than 15 psi of boost to use the Diablosport tuner because the factory pcm tune will close the throttle to restrict boost above 15 psi or so.
    • brandon
      looking at the agp wastegate for caliber srt and you guys say it come with two spring green and red one on agp website it say that the red one is 19 psi is that the same spring
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        The 8 psi spring is included, which is the one you should use with factory pcm control OR the Diablosport tune. AGP also includes 12 psi and 19 psi springs if you DO NOT want pcm control or Diablosport control of the wastegate.
        Colors of the springs:
        Yellow = 8psi
        Green = 12 psi
        Red = 19 psi
    • Brandon
      Does this wastegate have a california Emssions Carb Cert?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        This question is applicable to people living in California. (CARB stands for California Air Research Board, or emissions testing and compliance for California citizens. )

        No, this part and 99.9% of the rest of the parts we sell are not CARB compliant. The only parts that are CARB compliant are some air intakes from AEM, K&N, and thats about it. There are very few companies willing to go through the testing and expenses of making a part CARB approved.
    • Mareece Norris
      My car was pushing 15 psi and out of no where it's pushing 20 psi what could cause this problem
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        Usually if you have a sudden increase in boost pressure its caused by a leak, or hole in the line going to the wastegate, or there is something interfering with the operation of the wastegate actuator.