MPx Coupler Upgrade Kit (For Use w/ Injen Upper Pressure Piping) 08-10 Cobalt SS

Model Number: 601167-UP
Our project 09 Cobalt SS Turbo got a set of Injen pressure pipes installed and immediately after, the pressure pipes blew out of the couplers, twice in two different sections! This kit is meant to combat this problem!

If you've ever had a turbo car blow the pressure piping out of a coupler, you know what a bad feeling it can be. If you've never had it happen, don't let it! Upgrading the Cobalt's pressure piping is a great move since they fit great and won't flex like the stock rubber pieces. However because of it's coupling hardware it can also make a weak point in the pressure pipes. Imagine driving at full boost and hearing a loud pop! The power completely drops off, maybe your engine dies and the entire car feels broken! Did you blow something up? Is your engine toast? Or did you just blow off a coupler making it impossible for the engine to build any boost?

Eliminate the chances for this failure with this upgrade kit! These Vibrant Brand couplers are 1 inch longer than the ones included with pressure pipes so theres more area to have the pipes grab onto. You can also ditch those worm gear clamps in favor of the superior clamping performance of these Vibrant T-Bolt Clamps! You'll get two 2.5" couplers, two packages of 2.5" t-bolt clamps and 1 package of 2.0" t-bolt clamps. Since installing this kit on our 09 Cobalt, we've had ZERO issues!

MPx Coupler Upgrade Kit (For Use w/ Injen Upper Pressure Piping) 08-10 Cobalt SS, Turbo Accessories: Store Name

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  • Joshua Nowak
    I recently experienced this with my injen pipes and am now considering upgrading to the mpx upgrades. I would like to know if these upgraded couplers can handle 21psi of boost because my cobalt is tuned and that's what it is pushing... I don't want to spend any more money on products if they cant handle the boost psi... please let me know if you have any info.. thanx
    1 Answer
    • customer service rep

      Yes, we used the MPx coupler upgrade on our Trifecta tuned Cobalt with 21-24 psi no problem. This upgrade will work perfectly for you.
  • Anthony
    Do these couplers come with the injen charge pipes?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      The Injen kit comes with couplers that are too short, and with regular worm gear clamps.
      This kit does not replace the Injen couplers, its a sold separately kit that that you'd use to replace your Injen couplers and clamps with. This is an optional kit that we sell for those of you wanting to make sure your piping doesn't come loose and become disconnected.